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Get well soon Bonni.

And I hope this does not involve any ligaments, or tendons. If not you should have a good recovery.

Best wishes and heal fast.

Always your,

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Rehab is key. Need to see you at ESA East again .
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I'm in some constant pain, so my body knows what has to heal! NO doubt about it!

I can tolerate quite a bit, so I just take the minimum also. I did break out in these mosquito bite-sized sores from the morphine, but they're going away. Yeeps!

Right now, I'm fighting nausea and exhaustion. I can't sleep with the pain, and getting a couple hours a day of deep sleep isn't enough. And here comes my old friend Mr. Depression to bring home the cows, as if there isn't enough on the old plate. Me an him are well acquainted, so I know how to keep him happy.
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that sucks big time, Bonni but we knew we had some more b.s. to wade though again.You got a buddy for life here if that makes you feel any better. E:mail or call me anytime to hear a friendly voice that really cares and will try to help you bear some of this aweful stuff life dumped on you.
I'm glad to hear you are home and at least in your comfortable surroundings.
If I lived nearby i would be there fluffing your pillow and serving youas best i could to make your life a little bit better.
Hang in there, buddy , you got people out here who are proud to be your friend and I am just one of them.
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Full nights of sleep will be back - soon enough -they're right around the corner. Everyone is different, but for me the real major change occurred at about the 2 week mark. That's when I started to feel somewhat "normal" again - just couldn't walk on the leg and still had to keep it elevated, but most of the pain subsided as did much of the major swelling.
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Stop it, Garry, you're making me all misty.

I'm not really in comfortable surroundings yet! I'm still on the couch! Guess who got sick yesterday? Yep, Jeff is not doing well. He could barely eat last night but did manage a piece of bread about 10 pm. I feel frustrated that I cannot help take care of him!

I got a couple hours last night, woke up drenched in sweat and then stayed 'awake' till 6:30 when I woke up for good. I'm on half meds, and seem to be doing ok....

although I just hobbled to the bathroom and took out the mail, and I almost passed out just doing that! I got hot and sweaty, and tossed up the water I just had. Me and pain pills don't mix. Hopefully I can get off these soon.
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Bonni - Sorry to hear about your painful adventure! Wishing you a speedy and full recovery!!

Take care,
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Well shhhht. Get some sleep. And don't take half a pain pill ....some of them are gel coated, and breaking them open defeats the time release design, increasing nausea. (unless of course, someone who actually knows what they are talking about tells you otherwise!)

Pete tells me you were quite the trooper. Or something like that.

Think..spring...flowers, blackflies, better leg, fall colors, ski not so far off!
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Blackflies, whoa! I'll take one bum leg for $200, Alex.

Feeling better all the time. I was able to stand long enough to do the dishes yesterday. A small hurdle, but this lying about is not what I'm comfortable doing. I like a clean, organized house, and it isn't right now, and while I can't do much about it, every little bit helps.

Bears........you are the greatest people on this planet. I wish I could throw a party for each and every one of you. You deserve medals of honor!
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So here I am cluless as to what happened to you Bonni, when I see this "Sad news from ..." post and decide to peek at it. Whoa, what a shock !!!

There are way too many injury related posts this season. Take it easy out there everyone. And Bonni, best wishes for a speedy and full recovery. You will be back, I am sure.
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