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"10 pass" for Meadows

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I'm getting excited...last night I picked up a "10 pass" for Mt. Hood Meadows at the NW ski club night(nwskiers.org). Do you think the "pass" is a good idea or is it forcing the issue of going to the same place all the time instead of moving around? I hope we get better snow this year, last year was a disappointment but I did get to ski fun places like Squaw and Sugar Bowl in Tahoe. I was rather surprised to see so many Canadian resorts represented at the event. I guess promotion is the key to success. Maybe this year I will join PACRAT racing just to learn how it's done and maybe improve a bit.
Aw, let it snow!
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That was a good deal - I was thinking about it - And they opened up Clark canyon too! not too shabby. AS for skiing one location all season... If its a good ski year, mix it up a bit and ski Ski Bowl - best steep on all of hood, and night skiing there is cheap. Then cruise up to Crystal mid week for that great condo/ticket deal they have
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Are you going to Fernie in Feb.?
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Hi Slider (and all),
I want to join the group at Fernie this year but I have not made solid plans yet. My wife knocked a rib loose last winter and we just have not made the commitment yet. Hoepfuly we will see you there.
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