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I just wanted to share my impressions of the new Volkl Supersport S5s after demoing them this past Sunday at Killington.

I am a level 7 skier, 6'1 and 195lbs so Northern Ski Works of Ludlow set me up with a set of 168s. This was my first demo on parabolics after 3 days of getting my ski technique back (I had not been skiing for the past 3 years) the previous weekend. My current skis are 12 year old Fischer SL Super 200s.

The first few runs were a bit awkward, as I found that I needed to adjust a bit to get the skis to turn properly (I felt that I needed to sit back a bit more than with my old SLs, but could this have been a function of where the bindings were set???). Once I got used to the S5s, however, the difference was simply night and day.

The S5 is great at both quick slalom type turns and longer fast turns. Grip on ice is unbelievable - I found myself pushing harder and harder as the day went on due to the confidence they inspired. I'm not much of a mogul skier, but these skis handled the bumps very well in my opinion. Overall, I was blown away by the versatility and performance of the S5. I felt that my skiing was lifted a notch, but I was still nowhere near the limits of the skis at my ability level.

I am headed back to Killington on Saturday and will be demoing the Fischer RX8 in 170 followed by the Atomic M11 B5 on Sunday. I'm hard pressed to think that either of these could possibly be any better than the S5, but the RX8 may very well be based on the comments I have read on this forum. I'll let you know how these two feel by comparison.