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WiFi in Timberline, WV

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I am going to Timberline this weekend. My wife, a non-skier, is planning to tag along. She plans to do some writing in the lodge, and perhaps youtube-ing during breaks.

Both her writing and youtube (especially youtube ) require Internet connectivity. I never cared about the WiFi in Timberline before. So, does anyone know if it is adequate for youtube-ing?

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Nome, did you ask this on www.dcski.com
Lot of T-line regulars there that might be able to help.
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Wonderful. I didn't know about dcski before.
Thanks a lot!
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the bottom of Timberline website http://www.timberlineresort.com/ says they have Wi-Fi hotspots so you should be good to go. If the snow keeps falling, hopefully she will be able to spend some time on the slopes too!
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