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Better Off Dead

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Could it be possible that we are the only community that pays homage to this movie on a regular basis? I read that John Cusak is so embarrassed by it that he refuses to discuss it in interviews.
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What about my favorite: Hot Dog, The Movie!?! Now THAT is cult ski cinematography at it's best. I hear Squaw does a Hot Dog reunion every few years. I'd love to meet Harkin "Snake Legs" Banks and his girl Sunny.

Rudy: Can you guess vot I hat for breakfast?
Harkin: Wheaties?
Rudy: Clever, but no. I hat Sunny side up. Unt I hat Sunny side down. Unt I hat Sunny side all de vay aroundt!
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A classic!
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You've forgot about Ski School 1 and 2...eh mebbe their better forgotten.
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What about Aspen Extreme?
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I don't know why but to this day I get the creeps when ever I see the guy (who got into drugs) from Aspen Extreme. I just can't stand him! He makes my skin crawl ever since that movie. EEEEEEk!
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Yeah, one of my students had a fling with him. That's a whole other story.
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ski racer was a classic
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Robert Redford made a ski racing film (I think it was "ski racer") some years ago.
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Uh, i think your talking about Downhill Racer.
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Bingo- it was Downhill racer- a true classic. Of course, me being older than dirt, I'd remember!

As he would proceed down the course you would hear his breathing get heavier and slowly the crowd would get louder since most of the spectators would be closer to the finish line.

Life's a pain... then you nap. Cat philosphy
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They don't even show Downhill Racer on the tube anymore. Used to be that one of the networks would run it a few times over the winter.

Blockbuster Video doesn't even carry it as a "classic".
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I saw Downhill Racer about a month ago on cable, I forget which channel.

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me, too. i've seen it a couple times, actually, within the past couple years, including, i'm sure, the running Ott caught.

(hey, i have the video. maybe i'll start passin' that around, too.)
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My favorite lines from that movie....

Redford...... "I'll be a champion"
His Dad...... "World's full of em"


Gene Hackman looks grim...

"It's blowing at the top".............<FONT size="1">

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One of my all time favs.

I want my two dollars.....
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Hot Dog quote.

"...what the F*** a chinese downhill?"
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I remember when Aspen Extreme came out. I was in Lander Wyoming and 3 of us had just been forced to leave a NOLS course due to injuries from skiing. Me: partially torn mcl,and completely torn acl(undiagnosed);she: torn mcl; he:torn somethin'.(He got to go back, we didn't)

So with two on crutches and the other hoblin', we made our way down the street to the theater.

The subtitle under "Aspen Extreme" was "Skiing's the Easy Part". We got a big laugh out of that one.

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