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pregnant base

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I skied yesterday and discovered that I couldn't hold an edge as usual. I took the skis to the shop at the mountain and the shop tech showed me that the base was convex for some unknown reason. He took a cast iron straight edge and put it against the black p-tex of the base and showed me how it rocked over the base. My ski has a convex bulge in its middle, all along its length. This was the case for both skis, no less. I had them tuned in December, a full stone grind.

So why is this so? Has anyone else ever experienced this? The bulge is from tip to tail, both skis, and is in the black portion of the base. This bulge does not involve the metal edges at all.

One friend who's been on skis forever says p-tex, or whatever is on the ski base other than the wax, sometimes expands and gets bigger, and sometimes shrinks and forms a concave surface as well. Another old-timer says it's more often that it becomes concave, with the metal edges sticking up.

Any comments or guesses as to why the bulge in my ski bases has happened, and suggestions about how to handle it? Will a stone grinding do the fix right?
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It's a long shot, but if they were cold when you brought them into the shop they were warming up fast when they were being measured, so there might have been some differential expansion going on. Try checking them again after they have been at room temperature for an hour or so.

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