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Seeking K2 Stryker feedback

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I discovered this forum early last fall and have received a wealth of valuable information. Does anybody have any experience with the K2 Stryker they could share with me? I'm 5'10, 180lb. 49 years old. Have skied for 35 yeaars, but just a few days each year. I'm probaly a level 7-8. I ski mostly groomers, and some smallish bumps. I live in the Southeast, so 1/2 of my skiing is East with a 5-day trip out West each year.

I'd appreciate any experience anyone has had with the K2 Stryker.
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Hey Dave,
I'm about the same size as you and tried the Stryker in a 174cm back in Demember at The Canyons on a demo day.
The ski virtually skis itself. translation- super easy to ski-by the second run you feel as if you've owned it for a year.
Not a super high performance ski but pretty versatile in most conditions if you keep within its speed limit.
My friend who is about a level 6/7 skier really enjoyed it and wants to purchase one.
It will handle most grommed trails easily unless they are super icy, as for bumps-it is one of the more bump friendly midfats.
Hope this helps. Rob
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It is a nice ski: I skied it last year, and was impressed with the stability at it's given performance level. I could overpower it in crud at speed, but it is intended to replace the Apache X, which means it is likely more oriented toward the groomed cruiser skier. It will go off-piste and ski about anything you want it to, and has the traditional K2 smooth feel. I agree with Rob that level 6/7 skiers will do well on it, and find it very easy to ski at most sane speeds. It has been a popular ski, and many customers find it easier to ski than the Head Monster iM72, albeit with a bit less energy and edgehold.

I hope this helps!
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Rob and Dawg, Sounds like what I'm looking for.
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Took my Strykers to Japan . I am 53 and my skiing at warp speed is but a far off memory . They skied fine . Soft is the word here . They are a soft ski , that will not tax your legs too much , and hence , leave you to just have fun . On steeper terrain they tend to "swoop" turn a little , ie longer arcs , but maybe that was me being leg tired . Please note - they are not floppy soft , just softer . I enjoy them . But I do find myself wishing for a pair of slightly stiffer skis as well .
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Right. I've been wanting to get a pair of K2 Apache Strykers since I tested them a few weeks back.
It is probably the perfect ski for an intermediate/advanced skier.
It has integrated bindings, meaning its edge grip is very good, while it is still flexible, making it forgiving.
It is a mid-fat at 74mm around the waist, making it a all-mountain ski. It performs well in all snow conditions. However, it may feel a little unstable at high speeds in rough conditions. You will find it easy to develop your skills in these skis and you might feel confident enough to venture into a bit of the "soft stuff".
I would highly recommend a pair of these skis.

They are a good deal for its price too.

The K2 Commanche 5 Com is quite a similar ski.
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