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Boot filler

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I have Tecnica Diablo Mag boots and after wearing them for a couple days of skiing have developed a rather large space between by leg and the boot (enough to stick my hand down). What would you suggest to fill this space?

The boots are as small as I can get them and from my ankle down they fit wonderfully, or at least for now.

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If you have only been in them a couple of days, take them bake to the shop.
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should I have them put something in or should I get different/new boots. This is my first pair of "real" boots so I do not know what to expect. I knew that they would pack out, but it is now having a noticeable affect on my skiing, so I do not know if this is supposed to happen and they just need a little adjustment, or if I got a defective boot, or if I just bought the wrong type of boot.

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Foam tongue.

Some shops sell an 'anti-shinbang' neoprene tongue pad that also works to take up volume.

A Booster Strap may allow you to get better shin-boot contact. They really cut down on the 'velcro creep' that happens with regular velcro straps.
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A booster strap and an eliminator tongue if need be.
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Can you tighten the cuff buckes? As boots pack out, you will need to tighten buckles to compensate. Failing this, I would go back to your shop and see what they suggest.
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ya tighten the buckles, if they are maxed out, them move them/re drill them tighter.

power strap around the liner only?

eliminator tounge
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I'm with tief; and will say from experience, you need to take them back NOW! Get a refund or a different size or boot all together. You can't make a boot too big fit. Boots are just too expensive to settle. I finally got a pair that fit correctly this season and there is no comparison. A properly fit boot makes all the difference. With the price of lift tickets, why not make sure you get the best out of every run?
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Is the gap on the sides, all around, or mostly to the rear? I have a very small, high calf so I need to use a shim (spoiler) behind the liner to fill in where a normal calf would be. Your shop should be able to figure out why you have a gap. If your shop isn't a specialty shop with trained boot fitters they may not have the knowledge or tools to help you.

Get us some more information, including the type of where you bought them, and we may be able to help. Good luck. LewBob
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