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Skis for the heavier skier

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Please can I have some advise.
I ski for max 4 weeks per year.
I am male, 43 yrs old, 6ft-6" and weigh in at 265 pounds in my ballet shoes ( wouldnt be a pretty site ) moderate fitness level with strong legs.
I ski at intermediate level and will tackle most things.
Looking for a ski, doesnt have to this season model but needs to be able to cope with mainly on piste though like to scare myself a little by venturing into the deeper snow, classic european conditions ranging from ice up to powder.

So what skis are out there new and recent to cope with the weight etc.

Tried vokl 5 Stars Super sport and boy did they bite back.
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I'll recommend a narrow waisted ski with wide tip & tail. The narrow waist will be much easier to tip from one edge to the other on the packed runs. Narrow waist = 72 mm or less.

Take a look at the Head i.XRC 800, 177 cm. I'm a good skier, 6'/205#, and tried my wife's 156 cm. XRC 800's. Wow. Great control. The XRC 800 has been out a couple of years, so there will be some bargains around. There is a ski shop in the Epic Swap - Buy & Sell forum that is closing out Head and other brands due to poor snow in his area, and his prices are right.
http://www.head.com/ski/products.php...ssive &id=614

For other suggestions, will you invest $20? Peter Keelty's subscription site for techsupportforskiers.com has the best ski reviews I've seen as well as personal advice for subscribers.

Whatever ski you get, do get bindings that have adjustable fore & aft placement. Many skis ski better with the boot located forward of the mark on the ski.

By the way, the right boots for you are more important than the right ski.

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I'm 220# plus, and also I suggest you consider Heads, they make beefy skis.

Also consider the Monster iM 72 in a 177cm. A little more width for soft snow without losing hard snow capability.


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At that weight you want quite a bit of stiffness and massive torsional rigidity. And if you want to play off piste, you will most likely find that easier with a ton more surface area than a "midfat" has to offer. Think about it - adding one cm (average) to the width of a ski adds as much surface area as growing the ski by 15 or 20 cm in length. I'd suggest thinking no smaller and no less substantial than something like a Monster 88 (if you stick with the head thing) or a Mantra, etc., etc. At your height and weight the long end of the spectrum is worth considering - 180s or 190-ish? (and I'm usually a short-ish ski kinda guy)

You will get a range of opinions though. Still, even as an intermediate, you will put a ton of weight onto a ski in terms of flexing it. And if you actually carve, you will just kill any mild mannered ski's shovel in terms of torsional flex. And if you want any float...
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Hi again,

I was 250 Lbs plus two years ago and have skied the Monster 88 and 77. While these skis are very good in variable snow for an advanced skier, they will be more difficult to use on hard snow than a narrower ski and can hold back an intermediate from successful development.

The ultimate solution for a heavier skier who seeks both hard-snow & deep-snow performance is the two ski quiver. Consider one 66 to 72mm wide ski and another that's 95mm or wider. Even the 186cm Monster 88 is not wide enough for truly deep snow if the skier is 200 plus. This ski will also be difficult for an intermediate to use IMO.


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I am a slim 250, and I love my Fischer RX-8's on hard snow and AMC 76's on mixed conditions. Either one would be stiff enough for you. In fact, the rap on the the AMC 76's in Ski magazine was that they are too stiff in the testers' opinions for really soft snow and will dive if you pressure the tips in powder. I have not seen so much powder, but up to a foot and a half of fresh snow wasn't a problem.
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240 on 162 metron b5"was at 247 2 weeks ago down to 235 now"
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6'4"--250+ here.

My advice is to steer clear of intermediate level skis as they will be too soft for you. Instead, check out the more advanced skis with an emphasis on those that are more forgiving. My short list would be:

Fischer RX-8 for hard snow
Fischer RX-9, Dynastar Legend 8000, Head im77, Rossi B2, or K2 Recon as All Mountain choices.

All of these skis would be plenty beefy (in the correct length) to handle your size, yet have a broad performance window so as not to over punish the less than advanced skier.
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The RX-9 is only 3 mm wider than the RX-8 at the waist, and is narrower at the tip and tail, which is why it has a longer turning radius than the RX-8. Both skis give you about the same area under foot for soft snow, which means that they are both good for hard snow. The RX-9 is a little less of a short turn specialist, but there is no problem doing long radius turns on an RX-8. If the snow is a little softer you need more area, and the AMC 76 and 79 are better choices.
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