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Lift ticket deals in Tahoe?

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Hi skiers, just discover this great skiing forum, hope I can find some help here. I will ski Tahoe Jan 27 to Feb 3, I am looking for ticket deals? I have done some research over the internet: $62 discounted tickets can be picked up at the Reno Albersons store, the Bay Area REI stores may have discount tickets, $52 Kirkwood, $51 Northstar or Sierra, $58 Squaw Valley, etc. There is a REI store close to the Reno airport, wondering if it has the same discounted tickets there. Any info will be appreciated, thanks for your help.
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Hi - born and raised in Reno... it's hard when you lived there because we all still get passes.

Scolari's used to offer greatly discounted Northstar tickets and did so as recently as two years ago (the last time I checked), so I'd imagine they still do. They are a chain of grocery stores that used to be called Warehouse Market and may still have that in their name. They are all over the place (7 or 8 of them in Reno/Sparks).

In addition to the two places you mentioned, Bobo's and Reno Mountain Sports sometimes offer discounts. They are not for from the REI - on Moana lane between Virginia and Kietzke about a quarter mile apart from each other. I'm not sure if the REI in Reno (which is great) offers discount tickets - my understanding is that it's Bay Area only, but I'm really not sure.

Most of the casinos offer discount tickets to guests, but they sometimes make exceptions. Try the Peppermill, on Virginia just south of those ski shops I mentioned.

For local skiing, Mount Rose, on the Reno side the hill, east of Incline Village, used to offer 2fer Tuesdays. I believe they still do, but check first.
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Your best source for special information and coupons is Snowbomb.com.
Welcome aboard. I'm moving this to Resorts and Conditions forum. You'll learn your way around soon. Good luck.

Where do you plan to stay and what areas are you hoping to visit?
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Thanks Cooper8168 and Cirquerider for the info, I will check them.

I will stay in the south Tahoe area close to Heavenly. Never been to Tahoe, we have 7 of us in the party, most of them have already purchased the 6 packs, I suppose we will ski the 6 pack mountains.
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Fair warning: You may already know this, but you'll be driving quite a bit if you are staying by Heavenly. Heavenly is somewhat isolated by itself at south shore. It'll take you an hour or so to get to Northstar, for example. Perhaps a touch longer to Alpine and Squaw. No biggie really, just letting you know...

Doesn't the sixpack give you two days at Heavenly, if you so choose? I'd do that, thus cutting down on the driving.
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A little caution about REI tickets. You cannot depend on them because alot of times they are out of them. This may be more towards end of season but I'm not sure, just don't rely on it. Snowbomb, Tahoe card and coupons/casino discounts are the way to go.
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