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My priorities are something like this:
  1. Family member competing in Olympics - will skip skiing
  2. Family member politician; election results - will skip skiing
  3. Family member on PBS/CBC/BBC/Arte/France 5 - will skip skiing
  4. World Cup final not involving Italy or Portugal - will skip skiing
  5. World Cup final involving Italy or Portugal - will probably go skiing
  6. Grey Cup - will probably go skiing (unless it's played outdoor with threat of snow)
  7. UEFA Cup - will probably go skiing
  8. UFC match - will go most likely go skiing
  9. Season final of '24' - will go skiing but with tiny bit of regret
  10. Stanley Cup final - will go skiing (unless it's Canadiens versus Leafs)
  11. Formula One - will go skiing
  12. American Idol final - will go skiing
  13. Non-World Cup/Non-UEFA Cup football - will go skiing
  14. American football - will go skiing
  15. Family member on reality show - will go skiing
  16. Curling final (whatever that's called) - will go skiing
  17. Canadian Idol (hosted by awful Mulroney) - will go skiing even if there's no snow
  18. Family member on Canadian Idol - will go into hiding
I really like your thinking...however I would draw the line at #1. Fortuantely, my television is attached to nothing more than a DVD player, so I don't even know what most of that crap is on the list.

I skied a full day Sunday, went to the Tap room for some beers, went home and fooled around with my girlfriend, and still had time to make the last quarter at a friends party. Didn't watch any of it, but the poo-poos and beer were good. So who was playing?