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I always ski in this situation it's less crowded! (OK sometimes I leave early)

Go Saints btw - America's team!
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Might as well go skiing. No sense in putting yourself through the excruciating pain of watching the Saints lose and not get to ski.
Da Bears!
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Go skiing and set the tivo/vcr in case you're having a great time. If you're toast by noon head in and watch the game.
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If it was between skiing or playing football or even watching skiing or watching football it might be a harder deicsion. But between actually doing something and sitting on your ass, it should be an easy decision.
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Some people just don't understand the mentality of addicted football fans.
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I am a huge seahawks fan. In my case fan is literally short for fanatic. I've been living in Kona for the last 6+ yrs, but when the seahawks made it to the nfc championship game last year I flew back to go to the game. Tickets to the game were $250 a piece and the flight back was a little over twice that. It was worth every penny. To me, that the was the best football game I've ever seen and may very well be the best game I ever will see(unless the seahawks win the super bowl), the seahawks were great that day.
Then I spent the next 10 out of 13 days skiing Crystal, Stevens and Alpental.
Sounds to me like your in a pretty good situation. If I were you I'd do exactly what everyone else said, get four good hours of skiing in, then go watch the game. You never know how long your going to have to wait to see your team in the nfc championship game again.
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I would ski instead of watch, unless I had an immediate family member playing in a playoff game.
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My priorities are something like this:
  1. Family member competing in Olympics - will skip skiing
  2. Family member politician; election results - will skip skiing
  3. Family member on PBS/CBC/BBC/Arte/France 5 - will skip skiing
  4. World Cup final not involving Italy or Portugal - will skip skiing
  5. World Cup final involving Italy or Portugal - will probably go skiing
  6. Grey Cup - will probably go skiing (unless it's played outdoor with threat of snow)
  7. UEFA Cup - will probably go skiing
  8. UFC match - will go most likely go skiing
  9. Season final of '24' - will go skiing but with tiny bit of regret
  10. Stanley Cup final - will go skiing (unless it's Canadiens versus Leafs)
  11. Formula One - will go skiing
  12. American Idol final - will go skiing
  13. Non-World Cup/Non-UEFA Cup football - will go skiing
  14. American football - will go skiing
  15. Family member on reality show - will go skiing
  16. Curling final (whatever that's called) - will go skiing
  17. Canadian Idol (hosted by awful Mulroney) - will go skiing even if there's no snow
  18. Family member on Canadian Idol - will go into hiding
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ski, ski ski
DVR is great. If no DVR/TIVO/VCR then make first chair and get off in time to catch the game. If DVR and you can watch it while it is recording, then still make first chair, ski until you are tired and start watching game from begining and you will catch up to real time by second half (probaly by second quarter as so much wasted time with those inane commentators and commercials). the 30 second skip forward is perfect for football games.
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Originally Posted by SugarCube View Post
Ragin', had a similar dilemma last year. I'm an avid Steelers fan and had to choose between skiing Vail for the first time or watching their play off game. Skied early and hard, then got to the condo just in time for kick-off. My VERY understanding SO, who tolerates my football addiction and is hooked on Vail, was by my side the whole time, bless his heart!

Uh well....that was last year
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OK, what you really need is this. Problem solved (if only it were available in 48 hours).
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Start early, quit by kickoff, go for lunch where the have TV and cold beer. Problem solved. Four hours of great skiing followed by watching your favorite team play in the NFC Championship game. Life is good.
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the other thing is you can always check things out apres ski or at lunch or whatever. To me I can check things without needing to see every play.

Now baseball for me is different - loved it since I was a child, play it and I watch nearly every game in entirety or on radio. But that's in summer ....
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Ski... When in doubt... ski. If you're really conflicted... go skiing to clear your head.
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Sorry ragin' cajun'. Sad day indeed
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Hope you went skiing

The poor Saints went marching home!!!! Can you tell I am a Bears fan!

Anyway, I hope you were able to catch some of the game:
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Oh ragin' cajun', New Orleans needed the boost in spirits and the national spotlight would have helped too. Better luck next year.
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The question posed in the thread title is like asking..........
Wanna have fun or do you want to watch Jello set?

Duh! Go skiing! Football can be taped or tivo'd!
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You can toss a football around while skiing!
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Hope you went skiing!
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I did ski...and ski... and ski! Watched the second half!

Originally Posted by Kima View Post
Sorry ragin' cajun'. Sad day indeed
Just returned from ESA!

I did take most everyone's advice...went skiing starting at 9:00am; took a short lunch break at kick-off, watched a few minutes then realized we were in trouble. Wife literally through me out the condo because of my incessant screaming and ranting toward the TV! (said she wanted to enjoy the game without my commentary!) I reluctantly went skiing again with the understanding if the game should start turning our way she would call me to come on back...well two quick touchdowns, Saints back in the hunt, I get the call..."we're 2pts down with the saints moving well on offense, you got to see this!!!!!" I was skiing laps on fanny hill which runs right on the side of the condo only minutes away.

I jinxed the Saints by returning to watch the second half!!!! Still proud of what these guys did during the season.....BTW....Good luck Bears Oh, and thanks all for your support of our Saints!

ps...I would not have traded that first day of skiing for any other sporting event, including a trip to the Super Bowl!
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Yep cajun even tho ian a died in the wool Bears fan --the Saints are a class act and WE all LUV NEW OWLINS
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Agree with that. Alot of people around the country were rooting for the Saints this year.

Sometime back in the nineties, A-Basin was running a special for Gem card holders - $10 lift tickets on Super Bowl Sunday. My wife and I decided to skip the game and go up.

The temperature at the window was 17 below zero when we got there, and the wind at the top was a steady 25mph. Positively the coldest day I was ever on skis.

How's that for priorities?
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I am huge into fantasy football, but have been skiing on Sundays during this season. It is funny, I don't think about football at when I'm skiing only after! I think you should always place your fun first. Last year I went to the Broncos/Steelers AFC Champ game and wished I had gone skiing. The difference is that when watching football, you are relying on others to bring you happiness. When you ski, it's yourself
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I never miss skiing on Super Bowl Sunday. No crowds and no traffic on the way home.
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freeheelin/devils fiddle, im with you guys. i dont even tele and id do it over watching tv -especially american football. threads like this make this place feel more like epicpigskin.
bottomline, if you have to ask: X or ski? then you should just go do X. i skipped my grandparents 75th wedding anniversary and my sisters graduation to cut lines in SA and youre talking about football? christ, im going back to the marijuana/pot and skiing thread.

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I'll be skiing Sunday morning til around 215-230 then back for the big game (are we allowed to say the name here?
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Yeah, why would anyone do anything besides ski? Especially post comments in an internet forum....I would never do that when I could be skiing instead.
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well, after that game, im glad i chose skiing
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