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Hey Thanks for that info Freshtracks. I'll get myself down there and check it out.
Just noticed some pictures on TheBoarder
Looks decent enough for me. Just hope its wider than Tamworth.
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Looks like I'm going to have to go again if bikini clad gilrs in the hot tub are going to be a regular feature!
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I've been on the snow for the last 5 days, crusing around the field in the groomer, went for a run yesterday at the end of the day.

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FRESHIES AT HOTHAM (OZ) ON NOV 1 & 2 [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Just took fresh tracks down Hotham on Melbourne Cup Weekend!!!!!

Lifts are closed so the walk out was a bit of a thing but I can't believe how good the skiing is in November

Even got the car bogged in the snow and had to get winched out by the snow clearers! He said when he cleared the road at 5am there were 3ft drifts on it. Heading up we nearly had to fit chains to the 4WD!!!

What a F*&@# awesome season. Can't believe how many "last runs" I've had this season...it just keeps going!

Nov 1 hike out was through a blizzard - HOW COOL!

Nov 2 was snowing then CLEAR BLUE SKIES (soooo sunburnt).

For all you Northerners the snow we have at this time of year is unbelievable : Whatever's up with the planet at the moment is way cool in my books!

AC: Have pics and Mpegs if you could help me out with posting them.

In one weekend: skiing, hiking, bush bashing, mountain biking, kite flying (OK it was a bit of a storm so it went pretty quick), fire twirling, waterfall treks, 4WDriving...in general just SIC! - Had to share

(sorry, bit excited at the moment)
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I walked and drove on new snow in town this morning. Treacherously slick, thanks to our cold temps and warmish asphalt. Snow was squeaky dry, a good sign.

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Does Trick or Treating count? [img]tongue.gif[/img]

It was definitely winter this past weekend on the Wasatch front. And, it's snowing hard right now.

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Sat was day one, Sun day two. Snowing hard at Keystone when we left this morning.
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Me too, Saturday was day 1, Sunday day 2. It was all manmade but great coverage at Okemo. Top to bottom skiing, They even had the steepest pitch covered with lots of snow.

It was good to be back on snow.
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I was at Okemo Saturday and Killington Sunday.
Sunday wasa much nicer day- sunnier and warmer. The gondola, Glades chair and the Snowden chair were open. There was a fair amount of terrain open and even some bumps.
It looks like the weather is going to be warm all week, but at least the season has started.

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I hit Killington Saturday and Okemo on Sunday. Killington was jam-packed on Saturday and I started getting worried about being hit, so I left around 1:00 PM. Ironically, I was hit on Okemo on Sunday morning where it was pretty much empty. Go figure.

I thought conditions at Killington were better then at Okemo -- Okemo had a couple absolutely rock-hard areas. They slowly became OK once the sun beat on them for awhile.

Hopefully they won't be too hurt by this week's weather forecast (temps suppossedly reaching the 50s). I'd like to get a bunch more warm-ups days before the ETU!
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Tyrol Basin Sunday.
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Yep, It's ski season now, not many good reasons not to be on snow.
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