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Hands up if you were on snow today...

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Well, my hand is up!

I was on the new indoor slope in Castleford (in England) today. It opens next week.

Photos to follow.

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Well, Hats off to you, Fcuxup, I'm sorry I couldn't make it, any photos of Masque on his apex?
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your wish is my command...
OK, I didn't have enough battery power or camera memory to take shots of every time he wiped out trying to get air, but here he is...

And this is where we were...

It was colder and had better snow than Milton Keynes, also cause there's no pillars, you can get in big turns if you want.

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So Foxy... What's it like? Crowded? (doesn't look it from the photos), general atmosphere? quality of snow, gradient of slope, length of slope? In short is it worth ttreking 1hr 30 to ski there?

PS From your left sleve it definitely looks like you were 'on the snow today!' must have been pusing those tricks big time...
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Fox, you're suffering the "Red X" ailment with yout pix posting.
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They still look ok to me - I hope it's not red xs or I've just overabused my freeloading on a friend's business website!

It doesn't open until next Saturday, so, no it wasn't busy, just about 20 of us. That's not me in the photo, but a guy commonly known as Masque from another forum.

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Just above the second post up is a flat area - designed as a get off point for beginners. So, what we have is:

(Of course, it's not that steep! [img]smile.gif[/img] )
But this gives something to get a bit of air off.
Masque didn't nail too many of his landings (he's a boarder)

[ October 04, 2003, 12:50 PM: Message edited by: Wear the fox hat ]
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Well I was skiing that day too...but on a mountain.

What a bizarre looking place. How many seconds from the top to the bottom? Is it expensive?
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bec - no idea how many seconds, it's only 170m
As for costs, it's £20 for 1 hour, or £30 for two (That's about US$35 for one hour, or AU$1000 )
But it is snow, and I was skiing on it on my 3Vs.

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Poor 3v's. I know those skis and they like to go fast...so 170m that would be about 5-6 sec at a controlled pace?

Even more sad is your observation of how fantastic the aussie dollar is on the world market!

I guess snow is snow : I will admit that this weekend here was pretty slushy and looks like finaly the season is coming to a close. Oh well we had a good one [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Good to finally see pic's of the giant freezer though.

And who was that 'masqued' man...
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The "Masqued man" is a member here, going by the name of, um, well, "Masque", but he's more frequently seen on JWAZ, a site full of malcontents in the UK.

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A public apology for the dispersions about your ability to stay upright. Advice to 'The Masque'... don't wear a fleece if you're going to plant!
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good lord, is that a poma lift in the background?! : *shudder* brings back baaaaaad memories...
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Two poma lifts.

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My name's Freshtracks...I'm 35 and a skiaholic....

Ouch those pommas!

Gave the indoor stuff a blast after work last night. Must admit it was great fun to be back on skis and the snow was pretty good, though there's not much chance of powder.
...Even had the whole slope and lifts between the three of us at one point. I guess all that will change with the official opening tomorrow though.

News is there's a nightclub opening up in the same building along with climbing and ice climbing walls. It's a bit surreal...a bit of a Never, Never Land. Very clever... Wonder if we'll get away the usual apres of wearing our ski boots to the club...
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ft, the day I was there, we went to the Italian restaurant for lunch.
I brought my skis with me, cause there was nowhere to lock them at the slope. When I walked in, I asked about a ski rack. The rather fine looking waitress said they may get one in at the restaurant.
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Hey FreshTracks, How long did it take you to drive from Manchester?

Fox, Did you notice what sort of rental skis they had there?
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I think they were some sort of Salomons. They were grey.
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I was up at Stratton this weekend, and low and behold...it snowed for about 15 minutes on Sunday afternoon. Nothing stuck, but while leaving and looking up at the summit, the trails were blatantly white up top.
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It took around an hour from South Manchester. Easy journey.

The hire skis Salomon Verse were poo but in good nic...mind you they are pretty much brand new. Having said that the Verse are very good skis for those taking their first steps as I'm sure many of their punters will be. For the more adventurous they did have some red/white/blue Crossmaxes, but none looked long enough.

So the message is take your own skis. It's real snow and absolutely no worries of rocks so there's no chance of the bases getting trashed.

The boots were also Salomon entry level. Luckily I took my own, but the reports from my frends who hired were that the boots were not up to much.

Despite the skis and boots we still had good fun and for a night out it can't be knocked. The staff were great and gave great customer service although it was obvious that everyone was still getting used to the systems.

Remember the place has now had it's official opening so book in advance and aviod the busy times.
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I dunno...35 bucks doesn't seem worth it. Snow or not. I'll go rollerblading over that. It's free and probably more fun.

Not to rain on your paraid or anything, fox.
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Too much $$$ for too little, IMHO...
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I skied this morning at the local snowdome here in holland (www.snowworld.nl). It has a 500 meter slope and a 6 person chair (and also 2 pomas [img]smile.gif[/img] . Next week they will open a second 500 meter slope and a 150 m half pipe. The 25th of this month, there will be the the first Worldcup Snowboarding Slalom of the year.
I ski there 2 to 3 times a week all year round. Life is good [img]tongue.gif[/img]

PS. Today i also made reservations to go to the tuxer glacier in november. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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OK let's see:

Oct 4th at Mt Hutt. 18cm new cold dry powder from the south. Most people either stayed in bed because it was still raining in town in the morning, or have given up skiing for the year and are playing tennis or whatever. For us, this is still peak ski season. Fresh tracks most of the day.

Oct 5th - Craigieburn. Another 10 - 15cm fresh and even colder snow. Most fell between 6am and 8am that morning. The weather feels like mid July. All day 40 skiers try in vain to track out two hundred acres of pow - a big job but someone has got to do it

And just to complete the picture:

Oct 11th - Craigieburn. Still 2m of base over much of the field. Field has been closed for 2 days during which it rained and then froze. Result - billiard table smooth everywhere, ice until midday, then the top 2" softens perfectly. About 40 skiers spend the afternoon ripping high speed turns all over the mountain in amazing ego snow.

Today's forecast - becoming colder with snow to 500m. I guess the surfboard will have to wait a bit longer yet.

Spring rocks!
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It was a sweet end to the season at the Craigieburn fields. I'm off north for a bit of fun at Turoa.

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If I had read this yesterday my hand would be up. All done for this year.
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Oct 11th - skied Craigieburn with grum, see earlier report

Oct 12th - I stayed overnight on the mountain. Woke to the sound of rain about 8am, so stayed in bed. About 8:30 it turned to snow. Snow was wet and heavy on a firm base, so plenty of slide potential. They let us up the slopes at 11am. Still snowing, poor visibility, but who cares, we had about 10 - 15 cm of fresh snow that was really easy to ski. Only about 20 of us ventured up the mountain for the day so plenty of fresh tracks ALL DAY LONG [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Snow turned to sleet/rain later in the afternoon, got completely soaked but it was not cold, so not concerned about being a bit damp when you have a change of clothes in the car, and there are still fresh tracks to be had.

Who needs heli-skiing when you only have to share two massive alpine bowls with 20 others, all for $42 NZD.

That was my last weekend for the season, only 100 more sleeps until I arrive in Utah, but hey, who's counting.
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Hey Carruthers, awesome pics. Looks like nice snow. Can't believe that's Thredbo in mid Oct! Has Kosciusko Exp closed too? When does that re-open for summer activities?

I was at Buller on Sunday, was good but the snow was very slow in most places. Chute 1 was the pick of the day. Mountain was packed due to the free lift ticket & mountain entry.

Julie & Grum where did you hide all the snow when I was there at the end of August?!?! I saw on the reports last week that it got up to 4m! Oh well, just have to go back next year.

Hopefully there will be some snow left at Hotham on Cup weekend for a bit of skiing/walking. Was pretty warm in Melb today though, 24c, and forecast warm for the rest of the week. Oh well, can't really complain after such a good season
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...still skiing here in Oz! Check out http://www.ciau.com.au/snow/rrr.asp for what we did on the weekend.
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