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Copper 1.13 / Loveland 1.14

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About a month ago my buddy who works for Comcast in Denver rang me up and said his brother and a bunch of buddies were headed to their condo in Telluride on the 12th and did I want to tag along. The prospect of free lodging was too good to pass up. The plan was to rent a car, drive to Telluride on Friday. Ski Sat and Sun, perhaps half day Mon. and head back to Denver, what with it being a 3-day weekend and all. I quickly booked a $200 flight on Frontier and began putting all my gear together.

Then my buddy rang me up and told me that he had gotten the dates mixed up and his brother and crew weren't going up until the 19th. Since I already had my tix, I decided to come out anyway and ride in Summit County and book another flight to Telluride for the following weekend.

Week before the trip began hearing rumblings that Denver was going to be hit with another major storm like the ones they'd had around Thanksgiving and X-mas, which knocked the whole town for a loop. I was warned it would be frigging cold, too. Coming from Cali, me and cold don't mix well. But I figured if I can survive a frigid grauple storm in Utah, then Colo cold would be a breeze.

Got out the Denver without a hitch. My buddy picked me up Friday mid-afternoon and dumped me off at his house so I could work remotely. Praise wireless! Cranked out my work and we laid low. Got up Saturday and decided to head to Copper. We took it leisurely (my buddy is not a big, avid skier and we figured out he hadn't been up to the mountains in at least 6 years, if you can believe that! Fool lives in Denver and doesn't take advantage of the snow!) At any rate, we got to Copper, he rented some B3's on my suggestion and we went out on the hill. It took me a few runs to get acclimated to the altitude (just shortness of breath). I don't even know the runs we were on, but they were mostly the long-a$$ blue ripping groomers. I always forget how long runs are out here. I was riding my 177 Mantras (I had been anticipating tons of snow, not hardpack groomers like I'd been riding back in Tahoe) but really wished I'd packed my 180 No Ka Ois instead. We rode for about 2 hours then stopped for a beer (that's the kind of skier my buddy is: 5 runs/beer/5 runs/beer...). The old me would have been chaffing at the bit, but figured he had paid for the rental car and was letting me crash on his futon for free, so I could shift gears and be mellow and roll with the punches. On the plus side, Copper was empty. We never waited in a lift line at all. Tripped me out what with it being a 3-day weekend and all. The cold and threat of storms must have kept the gapers away (interestingly enough, the last several weekends I've ridden at Tahoe have been suprisingly empty, as well...I know the conditions are bad, but they aren't that bad).

Finished the day up with a Paulaner at Tucker's Tavern in Copper and then headed over to Frisco to secure lodging with every intent on riding a full day on Sunday. After driving around for a bit we finally snagged a room at the Summit Inn and then headed into Frisco for dinner. We plunked down at the Moosejaw for burgers and Pabst and decided then and there that we'd embark on the "First Annual Frisco Bar Crawl." From Moosejaw we hit The Boat Yard, where we ran into a lady friend of my buddy. She was with four other young women, to boot. They grabbed a table for dinner, we hit the bar. After our drink we lit out and hit the next establishment, a wine bar of which i forget the name. 2 drinks in the quartet of ladies we'd met at the Boat Yard came in and sat down next to us. Conversations ensued, more beverages were drunk and next thing I know I'm in a debate over the validity of Kanye West as he pertains to modern day rap. You know how tough it is to find a cute woman who 1. skis/boards and 2. knows, listens to, and love rap music? Yeah, exactly. One thing led to another and the ladies roped me and my buddy into crossing the street to some upstairs pool hall/club where we paid a $2 cover to watch/hear a trio of what looked like high schoolers do covers of Sublime, Living Colour, and Zeppelin. All in all it was a grand old time in the town of Frisco.

Needless to say, we had a tough time making our 10am checkout and decided to bag riding on Sunday. In hindsight, a rookie move and there was about 2-5" of fresh on our car from the night before. If I'd been on my own, I woulda ridden for sure, but since I was with my sorta-non-skiing buddy, it was cool. Besides, we'd had a super blast the night before and had gotten the ladie's numbers and the high sign to give 'em a call and ride with them soon. Back in Cali I don't have any women friends to ride with, so this is a definite plus to coming back to Colo.

Since Sunday was a day of rest, I decided I'd ski solo on Monday. Was planning to ride the Ski Train to Winter Park. Internet search Sunday evening revealed that the train didn't run on Monday, even though it was a holiday. WTF? Shifted gears and decided to ride either Eldora (bus accessable) or Loveland. Ended up I got use of the rental car (we decided to keep it an extra day). Took my time getting up Monday and hit Loveland for a 1/2 day. Only $40! What a sweet deal that is. Faisasy tells me they have a morning ticket that's like $52 and if you turn it in after 4 hours you get back $12. Boo Yaa to that! Loveland was pretty much like Copper. Lottsa packed and windblown. I rode off Chair 2, 4, and 8 mostly, working the Mantras on tight turns and grinding them more on the groomers. Hit a few moguls, but they killed me. I still, after 20+ years, don't have the rhythm synched. Time for some lessons on that front. The major difference between Saturday and Monday was the temperature. It was friggin' cold in the parking lot of Loveland. It was windy, too. In fact, I sat in my car for 15minutes debating even going. Back in Tahoe, if it's windy in the parking lot of say Squaw or Alpine, then it's a good chance that they're going to shut down the upper lifts. I finally bit the bullet, strapped into my Hot Rods and shelled out my $40. Had a good day, got in about 10+ runs (had to stop for a late lunch and to warm my toes) and learned a new Bro phrase ("got change for a nickel?") from a kid rocking 188s. Loveland was mellow. The bowls they have that you can hike to look sick. Sadly they didn't have the upper summit/ridge chair running (I think that's 9), but on a killer snow year I would definitely hit this place hard. The one comment I kept getting from folks was "Why are you here? This is mostly a locals mountain." They weren't getting all turf warish or anything, just suprised that an out-of-stater was riding here instead of Vail/Breck/Keystone. Frankly, it was the closest and cheapest, which suited me fine.

As for the rest of my trip? I spent all day Tues and today working and tomorrow I am headed to Telluride for 4 days. We'll see how that pans out.

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I hope you got lucky with the ladies on Saturday night, if it meant you didn't ski on Sunday.

And don't worry about not skiing on Sunday, you didnt miss much. I skied A-Basin and the visibility was pretty poor, the snow was average.
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Got a phone number and a reason to come back next month!

Funny about Sunday as there's another TR here that says "Epic Powder @ Vail 1/13"

Is Vail that much higher up than Copper? Did they get hit with snow while I was basking in the sun and re-applying 30spf on the 13th?
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Originally Posted by dookey67 View Post
Is Vail that much higher up than Copper? Did they get hit with snow while I was basking in the sun and re-applying 30spf on the 13th?
Vail is not higher, but it is quite a bit west, over Vail Pass. The storms that come through often hit Eagle and Summit Counties with different strengths. Often Vail/BC will get more than the Summit County areas. This storm seems to have hit BC the most, Vail second, and fizzled out completely before reaching Summit.

And yes, Vail did get hit with snow on Saturday -- reported 7", skied like a lot more:

Not sure what conditions were like on Sunday. We skied Vail yesterday (Thursday), and found soft snow in the bowls (including some creamy untracked off the cornices in Siberia Bowl).
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i'll be back in Feb.
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Great read dookey! Let me know when you come back as I just have to witness first hand the high schoolers doing zep...that's worth any price.

Lland is a locals wonderland as you see the same old faces. Sounds like they didn't grind you much which is good because being an out of towner or not, attitude is counter to the vibe there.
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naw, no grinding.

the rich high school board rats were in full force shooting home videos and trying to decide which of their houses in Hawaii they were going to converge on for Spring Break.

other'n that i ran into a young gun riding 188 Bros who asked me "got change for a nickel?" as we loaded on to the lift. I brushed it off, but then it began to sink in so i queried "Did you just ask me if i had change for a nickel?" His reply: "yeah." To which I countered "is that some slang for 'can i ride the lift with you?'" to which he explained "Naw, it's just a saying that Bro owners use with one another." I honestly have never heard "Have change for a nickel," then again I don't (yet anyways) own a pair of Bros.

The bowls off the top look sweet, but they need more coverage, that's fo' sho'!
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