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PSIA "Vintage" pin?

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Just came across this on ebay:


Is it "vintage?" Does anybody know if "E" stand for "East or Eastern?"

Is that a space for an engraved name, maybe?

I love the fact that "a magnet won't stick to it." LOL!
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Older, yes! "Vintage" , hmmm... maybe not so... An EPSIA pin would be more "vintage"....

It is an older pin, from the era (late 70's- early 80's) when National was consolidating all of the regional organizations, under the National banner.

The "E" does refer to the Eastern Division, and because it is silver (not gold), it is an "ASSOCIATE" pin, not a "Full Cert" (Associate was the old version of what is now the Level 2.

All current pins have the Division rocker across the top of the pin, rather than designated by the single letter.

The space in the middle was to allow the holder to have his/her name engraved on it.

To a collector, maybe its worth the $26 being bid for it...
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The pin that's shown is an Eastern Full Cert Pin. The blue around the E indicates full cert status, if it was red that would be for associate level.
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I think the ol Eastern full cert pins were silver.
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Then I stand corrected...

Hey Chuck! Long time, buddy!

In the Western division, we had the same pin, with a W on it, and it was either Silver or Gold. I assumed it was the same in each division.

The pin in question is much larger than the current pins given out. (At least in the West, they were about 50% larger)
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I worked with a chap who had the old silver full cert badge, with his name engraved on it. What a nice thing to have! Really special and classy. And the guests still have no idea what it is.
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Here are a couple more "vintage" pins....

These are Far West Ski Instructors Association (FWSIA) pins from the late 60's and early 70's, before PSIA National consolidated the divisions under the National umbrella. FWSIA was California and Nevada, with the border area in Oregon of Mt Ashland.

The upper one is Silver, and is my Associate Certification Pin (1975). The lower is Gold, and is my Full Certification Pin (1977). The area in the middle was left to engrave your name, but being a young, starving instr, I never had mine engraved. Actual size is about 2 1/4" wide x 1" high. We referred to them as "Chevy Pins" because their vague resemblance to the old Chevy logo.

I would love to see some of the other pre-PSIA pins form the other divisions...... I have an old Rocky Mtn pin somewhere, but can't find it.

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Originally Posted by chuckc View Post
The pin that's shown is an Eastern Full Cert Pin. The blue around the E indicates full cert status, if it was red that would be for associate level.
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I happened to be going through a box of stuff looking for something in particular... never found it, but I did find find my collection of Instr Cert Pins accumulated during my travels...

Anybody else still have all of their Instr Cert Pins from the various Divisions and countries you were certified in?

I'll have to get a pic of the whole lot and post it here soon...
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