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Base question. Concave?

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Got a question about bases. I have heard that most skis are supposed to have a flat base. Some are made a bit concave as I understand. My ski is a Metron 9.

Well I checked my base with a bar and it was flat underfoot. But as I moved towards the tip I noticed it was ever so slightly concave. Maybe a half mm or so in the center. It was curved evenly side to side with the center being the highest, gap wise. So is the M9 supposed to be concave as I described?
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I was wondering the same thing as my Havocs sound similar to what you described. I haven't noticed any problems while skiing.
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So is the M9 supposed to be concave as I described?
I think the concavity is from poor manufacturing practices. I've had a ski tech tell me that if too much material would be lost if beltsanded flat (no edges or base ptex left), then just flattening so at least an inch of flat by each edge is OK.

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From what I understand the concave helps with turn initiation, a flat ski is more difficult to initiate a turn with than a ski w/some concave up in the tip area.
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My new snoops have the same concave thing as SNpete describes...skis fine in my opionon.
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the concavity in the tip and tail is normal. As long as the ski is flat about 1" in from each edge they will ski fine. DO NOT HAVE IT GROUND OUT! you will shoorten the life of your skis and risk damaging them.

The rub really comes when you tune them. this is why i use TOKO's base beveler. http://www.reliableracing.com/detail...&category=2000

It spans the entire width of the ski, where SVST & the Beast's glide sit down in the concavity. Consequently, wiwith those bevelrs you don't get enough base bevel in the tip & tail, which is crucial to smooth engagement and realease.
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Bevel guides, even side bevel guides, use the base of the ski as a platform for the guide. If the base is concave at the tip and tail, won't that then affect the side edge bevel also? How does one deal with that when tuning a side edge? Is there a bevel guide for the side edge that eliminates this problem?

I have been using a skivisions multi-tool and can see how it would totally screw up the edge bevels by using the base as the platform for the guide. It would be like trying to use a t-square on a circle.
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