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Steamboat lodging

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This may get moved, but need any specific suggestions on how to secure a weekly rental house in Steamboat. There seems to many sites pitching their services, but would like a specfic recommendation (if it exists). I have been there, but so long ago dont know anything about the area. Areas to avoid, etc.

Two families, four adults, six kids. Nothing fancy, but not a dump. Walking distance to slope (200 yards) or on the shuttle route (less than 1 mile)
Hi-Rise condos near the slope are good, must have full kitchen.

Any tips?
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try www.vrbo.com - used them often, individual people renting their condo/home.

I also use special places of steamboat once. they were fine, but I noticed the place I rented on vrbo for less.
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Try vrbo.com which usually has numerous listings for the Storm Meadows complex which is at the christie lift base. Essentially ski-in, ski-out. Steamboat has a great free shuttle service that runs from the farther out condos right to the base and back every day during the ski season.
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honestly, I would just go through the website (Central Res has a huge amount of properties to choose from), or check out http://www2.steamboatpilot.com/classifieds/rentals/ to see if there are any accomidations that would fit the bill.
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A friend manages a new house on bus route it is booked on www.vbro.com/108139 fully furnished price run $500.00 per day -and up depending on the week.
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I would also consider Inn At Steamboat. They have a condo unit and daily nshuttle also a web site I do not know there price. It is where I put up over flow guests. www.innatsteamboat.com
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