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Sweating under Camelbak

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Last week my Wife and I tried out our new Camelbaks. I was in Winter Park, where it was not that cold. Three days I wore a couple light layers (wicking shirt, long sleeve tee) under my North Face Mountain light jacket. Two of the days I wore the same layer under a soft shell (Quest from Sports Authority).

I noticed that I sweat through my shirts where the Camelbak came in contact. I normally do not sweat when skiing except extreme spring days when I am pushing myself. The sweating was mroe noticable with the softshell. My wicking shirt was doing its job. HOwever, when I would stop for a break, and remove my jacket, the liner would be wet where it was in contact with the Camelbak. The sweating seemed to be more noticable with the softshell than the TNF jacket.

Has anyone experienced this, expecially with a softshell? Could it be that I did not buy a $400 softshell, but settled for a $125 one? Maybe if it is colder it will not be a problem. The temps were in the high 20's and 30's last week.
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i was in utah and wyoming this past week where temps dipped as low as -20F. it was my first time riding with a backpack and my entire back was wet with sweat. it wasnt making me cold though so i didnt really mind, however if you stop moving for a bit then you will really feel the chill creep in on your back first.
in my experience (winter mountain biking) wherever you have contact is going to gather sweat because you are pressing on your layers and stopping them from effectively moving the moisture. for a while i used a dueter pack which had a raise off design so that the pack wasnt actually on my back. this helped alot but sweat did still gather.
if there is a way around this i am unaware of it.
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It happens. The backpack traps moisture.

Coming off Mt. Washington on a low-wind day I took off mine just outside the AMC hut. Visible steam started coming out my Helly Hansen coat, right at the contact patch. And yes, I was wearing a Regulator(TM)-style waffle-cut fleece that is supposed to channel moisture laterally as well.

I'm betting the softshell is just a slightly tighter fit than the TNF.
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