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how to fix shallow "gouges"/scratches on base

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I'm talking about those annoying looking grooves that happen when you ski over somthing that leaves a long dent that looks like a shallow gouge or scratch.

Is the base grind the only solution?
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The scratches don't noticibally affect the performance of the ski, so ignore them.

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Some of that denting may be compression and not removal - do they become shallower after a hot wax?
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I have not noticed. But I am sure that at least in one case, it is compression.
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As others have mentioned, you can simply ignore shallow gouges, compressions or scratches as they likely will have little to no effect on the ski, especially if they run lengthwise along the ski as opposed to across the base.

Toko does make a base repair powder in both black and clear that does a good job repairing minor scratches, gauges and such. It's readily available at many tuning supply shops. It includes full instructions. Basically,

1) Sprinkle the repair powder into the gauge or scratch that has been cleaned of any wax residue.
2) Cover with a clear plastic sheet (several sheets come with the repair powder kit).
3) Iron over the plastic sheet until the powder underneath melts.
4) Remove the plastic and use either a sharp steel scraper or sandpaper to remove any excess repair material.

If the compression, gauge or scratch is wide enough to allow you do so, first rough it up a little with sandpaper or even a pin before applying the powder for stronger repair.
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Thank you Lostboy! That's the exact sort of thing I was looking for. I'll try it, but to tell you the truth, I'm a bit worried that it might come away while brushing.
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I've used it for minor dings on occasion. I've had no problems with it coming away while brushing and I use soft steel and med nylon brushes for structuring.

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I take a metal scraper and remove the edges on the scratches that are higher than the base. Then I use a hard cold weather graphite wax. Basically, IMO the scratches act as part of the base structure, and are not a big deal.

FWIW, just did the above last night.
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I agree that it's more an aesthetic issue than functional one if the grooves and scratches are running the ski length and probably does help relative to base structuring somehow. Consider them battle scars and customizing your skis.
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The dent I'm looking at is about 18" long, and about 1/8" wide. Looks sort of like someone removed a string tie from a cooked roast, except the string was quite wide. Kind of a channel, directly underfoot running lengthwise.
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Depending on mojo, on how much time I had and prevailing snow conditions I might just leave it and see if I could feel it so I'd know whether or not it was worth the effort for the next one. Otherwise I'd weld it versus the powder approach as that sounds more like a band aid as is dripping ptex and more prone to tear out, though have not tried the powder yet.
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