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Snowbasin and Powder Mtn. Opinions?

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My wife and I have skied in Utah many times. In fact, we were there for a week last month. We have skied Alta, Snowbird, Solitude, Park City, and The Canyons many times. We went to Snowbasin once about 3 years ago and enjoyed it, but it was a very long drive from where we were staying. We've never been to Powder Mtn.

We're planning to go to Utah again around the last weekend of February and stay for a week. We're considering staying in Ogden this time and skiing Snowbasin and Powder Mtn. exclusively. I'd appreciate comments from anyone who has done this. I'm also looking for comments about where you stayed. I see numerous hotels and motels in Ogden, some quite reasonably priced. We'd prefer a location fairly close to I-15 to minimize driving time to the resorts. I also need info on where to buy discounted lift tickets in Ogden. Thanks!

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I'v done this. There are a number of cheap hotels in Ogden. There is also the valley in between PM and SB called Eden. There are a couple of condo complexes in area with good access to both areas. Not a lot of restaurants in Eden area, but if you like cooking for yourself, it workd. I think one of areas is called Wolf condos and there is another one that is new. I'm sure it's easy to find on internet.
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I received stayed at the Townhouse Suites in Layton and skied at Snowbasin. It is an easy drive from there coming in from the south side of the valley. Lots of the usual hotels & restaurants are there. A Layton commute works, but it doesn't feel either special or different. I did like the Townhouse Suites though.
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This may not be the year to consider your Utah ski time on Snowbain and Powder Mountain. Both so far have not received a lot of snow. a couple of storms by passed us and moved south. Read my report on Powder Mountain and rocks. Of course Feb is still a long ways off things can change.
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I have stayed in Ogden and skied Snowbasin and Powder Mountain after spending a week in Park City. Ogden was a fun place to stay and a nice alternative to what Park City has become. I had fun skiing both places for a few days, but I'm not sure that I would want to stay in Ogden and ski those places exclusively for a week unless it was snowing most of the week. I would advise splitting time beyween SLC/Sandy and Ogden if you are out for a week or more.
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Just got back from 10 days in slc/eden and I have to say the conditions at the bcc/lcc resorts are much better than up in northern utah. I caught more than a few rocks at powder mountain and snowbasin and that was after a decent dump. That said, I'll second utah49's comments about things changing quickly.

We stayed a week in slc in midvale at the extended stay and then headed up to the red moose lodge in eden. We got a deal with two lift tickets per day with the room. The hotel was really nice and quiet. There was a hot tub, but I have to warn you they over-chlorinated it and both my wife and I got burned on the lower halfs of our body. Other than the hot tub the resort was great. There was a large lobby with leather sofa's and a big screen, as well as a pool table upstairs. There is not much to eat in eden, actually only two places were open after 6, Alpine Pizza and Eats of Eden. Try the buffalo chicken pizza at Alpine Pizza . Otherwise you have to head 15min or so back to ogden. The nice thing about the red moose lodge and staying in eden was the proximity to powder mountain, probably 10-15 min tops and that was doing 15-25mph up the canyon road to powder.

I have to say even with the low coverage at powder, the mountain was pretty nice. Nothing really steep, but some nice pitches off of paradise and what seemed to be really nice skiing up toward James peak via the cat or skinning and down into powder country. The cat just started up and powder country opened the day we left so we didn't get the opportunity to head up there. Cobabe canyon seems like some pretty low angle stuff and most of it pretty far out there and a trek for you get.

A note on the road up: the drive up the canyon road to the lodge can be difficult if it snowed recently. The lodge is halfway up the mountain so the lot and road is always snowcovered, sometimes with a decent amount of snow before the plows can get in there. The road is pretty steep also (more that the LCC/BCC access roads) so the decent is always hairy. There were more than a couple cars off the road (SUV's too) on the way down.

We were at Snowbasin on a Saturday and it was CROWDED. Like no other resort during our stay, and we were there over new years. Tremendous winds and most of the trails were pretty scoured. We started up the john paul express and most of that was pretty boney. Headed over to the middle of the mountain but was pretty disappointed. Very bland terrain and busy. Nothing really steep or interesting. We didn't hike to any terrain because the visibility and wind so there might be some more difficult stuff up top, but lift service leaves something to be desired. My experience might have been swayed a little due to the bad conditions.

Take a look my TR from a couple days ago.
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Thanks for the tips. We just booked a trip to Taos instead! We'll try this another year when snow conditions are more typical for Utah.

We go to Utah almost every year in December because it is usually dependable for early season snow. Last month was the worst I've ever seen, but we still had a good time. Any day skiing beats almost any day not skiing in my book!
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