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SLC with kids?

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Being a non-kid person I need a bit of help from you kidded types.

We will be travelling to SLC this weekend and will have two young children in tow (boy 5, girl 7). Obviously skiing is on the agenda, and we'll sign the kids up for lessons if it's not butt cold outside (like it's been).

But then what? My view of SLC generally comes from a barstool at Squatters, a seat at a Grizzlies game or a table at Red Iguana. And, of course, the obligatory trip to the Black Diamond store. Fun for me, less so for young kids.

Do you guys have ideas for things to do with the kids while we're there? And of reasonably priced hotels that might have an indoor pool (thinking that's going to be a requirement here...)

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I dunno but last time I was at Hooters, there they were - a family with small kids taking in the whole lifestyle - football game, wings, beer and softcore waitress attire. Seemed kind of odd to me, but then I fare from Puritan Massachusetts

I bet in PC they might have fun. Then again there's probably touristy stuff like touring the Mormon stuff downtown and whatnot. I need to figure this out too now that I have a little one who'll be joining me.
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in the Gateway Mall area of slc is the Childern's Museum of Utah. Hands on exhibits for the kids. Also beleive the new
Planetarium is located there.
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I'm in the same boat and here is what I came up with in Park City:

1. Tubing
2. Ice Sakting at PC Mountain
3. Olympic Park (They might be able to do the zip line but if they can see some of the skiiers practicing their jumps, that might be cool)
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Definitely Olympic Park. Temple Square, if they haven't taken the lights down. Salt Lake for a short look. Too bad the Kennecott Copper mine isn't open,but you can get a pamphlet with some good pictures. Take their swimming suits.
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The downtown SLC library has a huge children's section. It's in the basement. It's even open on Sundays.

The kids should love hockey, but 3rd period might be after their bed time. As you can tell from my user name, I take my daughter to RSL soccer games and she loves it.
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Fairmont Aquatic Center in Sugarhouse neighborhood of SLC has a nice "fun" pool area with nice slide, "river" and "whirlpool," etc. Museum of Natrual History by the University is nice.
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If you are in PC, the Park City Historical Museum might be fun for little kids. There's a bunch of old pictures and info, but my kids really liked the old jail cells down in the basement. Also, a trip to Cow's is always on our adgenda. Read: really good ice cream. FYI, I don't think the zip line is open at the Olympic Park during the winter, but they might dig on watching bobsled. Call and find out what their schedule is. Have fun!
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Hey, thanks you guys... this is exactly the info we needed.

I'll check back and let you know how it goes.

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think you hit the nail on the head. keep it simple, less pain for you. Find a hotel with a pool, that's all kids want. It will even tire them out so they will go to sleep. A gameroom is key too, however the dollars fly out of your wallet quickly.

Have fun-
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