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Swany Toaster Mittens

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I picked up a pair of Swany Toaster mittens at TJ Maxx for $20. I have always worn gloves, but thought for the price I would give mittens a try. The mitens are Goretex(or a similar type material) with a fleece glove liner. The shell has a zipper, so you can get your hands out of the shell and have the fleece gloves on, a nice feature for patrollers.

Last night, I gave them a try. They are almost too warm. I would recommend them for someone with cold hands.
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We just picked up a pair for my wife, who suffers from terribly cold hands. I think they're a great design, and you got a great deal (we paid ~$50 from Snowshack for the "Arctic" mitts).
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While up at Killington a couple of years ago we bought a pair for my daughter for whom cold hands, even with chemical warmers, had always been a problem. Still needs warmers on colder days, but problem solved.

It's been a couple of years so I don't remember what we paid, but $50 sounds about right.
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I've had these for a couple of seasons and I love the way you can stick your hand with the liner out of the mitt to dry out on the chair up. Never used a heat pad with these as they are very warm on their own, even in 20 below C. anything above -5 or so and theyre too hot.
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I know where they had them for $6.99 (an unnamed local dollar store), with 1 pair left and I'm hoping to get them for my man so I won't tell where they are but they're warm.
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