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staying warm?

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what does everyone wear when the temps are supossed to be extra cold?

I am heading out to copper this coming weekend and it has been pretty cold there as of late...what should I bring?
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actually, weather.com is showing the Copper will be pretty warm this weekend, with highs in the mid 20's and lows around 5 above.

If that's cold for you, layer your clothing; I find chemical hand warmers in my gloves invaluable for keeping fingers manageably warm. (most ski resorts sell them for about 3 to 4 dollars a pair, or about $1 a pair at costco/wal mart.)
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Move around a lot. Swing your arms and legs. Take off your skis and go for a very short jog. I've never ever gotten cold while skinning/climbing.
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Last weekend temps here were -20 to -25 deg C. I layered with 1 poly undershirt, a merino wool (icebreaker shirt) a merino wool hoody, a wind stopper soft shell and finally a 3ply gortex shell. I had on a neck warmer and a balaclava under my helmet. On the bottom I had fleece pants under my 3 ply gortex bibs.

I was reasonably comfortable. My toes only get a little cold on the lifts....telemarking keeps em warm when skiing.

Probably my biggest trouble at these temps is keeping my face totally covered. I always manage to get a bit of frost bite on these days.

IMHO one of the most important things in dressing for cold winter weather is NO COTTON, zero, nil. If you put on a layer of cotton and sweat just a little, it will retain that moisture and freeze you.
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We've had just under a week of frigid, but not brutal temps here at Big Mountain. Running around negative 10 up to zero at the summit, maybe 10 degrees warmer at the base. (F).

I wore (and was not only fine, but occasionally HOT):

one pair of thin Thoro knee high ski sox
ski boots
boot gloves
two pair Thermax long underwear tops and bottoms
one hot Chili top
one cotton (!) cowl neck long sleeve shirt (cowl neck used as part of face system)
Spyder Tarantula ski pants
Eddie Bauer below hip length down jacket rated to 45 below. This thing is pretty darn old (over 20 years) and has a cotton twill shell on it, but it is really warm, with an insulated hood and coyote trim (not used)
leather mittens. Also ancient, with no high tech anything, but with heat packs in them.
fanny flap
neoprene face mask
knit neckwarmer/face mask

I was actually warmer than usual with all of that. Looked like an idiot, but my ski companions, more fashionably dressed, had to go in. I resurrected the Eddie Bauer coat last season when I was going to gatekeep at the NorAms here during below zero weather. I decided that the jacket could be used for skiing on days that keeping warm was the main event. It worked great and I need to find my daughter one.
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I too have the same question! How the heck can I stay warm???

I went out yesterday and it was about -17 celsius or 1 F, and I froze! Infact I was cold the rest of the night after skiing, chilled to the bone. I was shaking on the lifts.

I wore a supposedly warm new Helly Hanson jacket and pants, with expensive and "the warmest" - according to the store worker, Helly Hanson base layer and a fleece jacket. And the rest of the accessories on my hands, face and Smartwool socks. Feet, Hands, Head a-ok! Body was soooo cold.

The problem is I'm going out this weekend and the temp is said to be around -24 C or -11 F. :
Should I wear 2 fleece jackets underneath? Add a soft shell, and fleece pants over my base layer?

I can picture myself shaking beside a roaring fire in the chalet already!
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In cold weather....

Puffy coats rule!
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As long as it's at least 20º F (and not really windy) I'm "set" with one poly-pro shirt and my shell up top. My ski pants are wool stretch bibs and I "ski naked" (no socks).

My best tip is ... bring at least two sets of warm gloves/mittens. After midday, switch to the second pair. (I got really bad frostbite on my fingers many years ago. Once you've been frostbitten, you are more susceptible to it repeating.)

Last week at Alta it was -9º in the AM and it *warmed* to 6º. Then I had two poly-pros, a fleece vest, my regular shell and my non-ski shell over top of that(!). I was fine, even if I did waddle a bit when walking...! Cold days are great if you are prepared. Most of the skiers are in the mid-mountain or base shelters after three runs. We have the whole mountain for the use of those who came prepared....

<edit> Cotton Kills! </edit>

- KK
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Helly Hansen Boogie Down jacket + Helly Hansen Warm lifa base layer == warm in any temperature...
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fell in love this winter with traditional silk and wool under my down. I don't smell as bad as I did in my poly layers, either. More comfortable too.
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I'm in the same boat as KK. Fortunately, I don't get cold very easily.

I can't ski with socks. I wear hot chili fleece pants under my shell pants. Up top it's usually a long sleeved tee and my shell. If its really cold i wear a neoprene-like gore windstopper liner underneath. If it's truly freezing i'll add a hooded sweatshirt to the mix and start considering socks.

As for the hands, i'm usually in my battered old leather racing gloves. Every time they get wet I wonder why I still wear them Your best best for warmth and mobility is a thin but warm glove (i love the cheap wool ones) and a nice waterproof mitten shell.

It's all about layers. They don't have to be thick. Just make sure one of the layers stops wind
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