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Instructor at Snowbird

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I will be arriving in Snowbird for your Presidents week/end for 6 days. ( unfortunately this has little significance for me except that it means busier lift queues and even that bears little resemblance to lift queues in Australia..)

I'm an advanced but wussy skier and am looking for a preferably female instructor to give me more confidence to really attack the steeps. I've skied Mineral Basin a number of times, but cant say i've 'flown' down there in the soft snow ( every Aussie's nemesis ) , which i'd really like to do. etc etc. I pick my way down double blacks and i'm yet to conquer my fear of going out along the Cirque which i'd also like to do. I actually hate heights, and that colours my ability to venture into some places that look really fun! Vertigo in all it's physical symptoms has attacked me mid mountain a number of times, and yet whilst i've had it have known that physically i could ski the hill, but mentally could not. I"m not young, and would therefore prefer someone OLD.

My sister ( an East Coast instructor ) suggested that my mind lags behind my body in what i want to ski. I know i've got the technical skill, but can i put it all together just yet? nope. And it's annoying the very carp out of me.

Is Ski school already full at this time of year? Or could someone recommend a few names that i could drop at the ski school counter? I still prefer a group rather than individual lesson as i think there's a lot to be gained looking at the issues with others in the group.

thanks in advance for your assistance.
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p.s. Mermer Blakeslee's book was absolutely wonderful and it's just a shame i wont be there when she's got her clinics on as that seems to be just what i want.
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Group lessons take whoever shows up. They are not booked ahead of time. You can not choose your instructor for a group lesson. You may want to try going to the lesson meeting area or ski school desk a few minutes after lessons go out and asking to talk to a supervisor. They may be able to make some recommendations or special arrangements for a lesson at a later time/ the following day.

Your situation is not unusual. I'd bet Snowbird handles students with similar issues every day.

The last time I stood atop the cirque, scoping a line down the face, a gust of wind almost blew me over the edge. Fear and vertigo is a healthy response. Sometimes we forget that we need to accept this first instead of getting annoyed by it. After that we can deal with it much better. I went around to a different entry point and reset.
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PM sent.
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Originally Posted by Lonnie View Post
PM sent.
Why PM? WHy not let the forum hear your recomendations?
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Originally Posted by volklskier1 View Post
Why PM? WHy not let the forum hear your recomendations?
It's simply that this person isn't on epic, and may not want their name broadcast over the Internet. If anybody wants to know who it is I'll let them know on the back channel. It's just courtesy...
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thanks for that heads up Lonnie.
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BushwackerinPA is a newer instructor @ Snowbird and seems to know everyone in LCC worth knowing
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Kristen Ulmer, has a workshop at Snowbird. She takes a more spiritual, mental as well as physical approach to her clinics. From I gather it is a skiing and personal growth all in one workshop.
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Id recommend myself if I was female, but know alot of good female instructors here at snowbird.

If you can swing it a private will be more bang for your buck. Your assumptions about a group lesson being better are wrong if your trying to overcome fear.

PM being sent.
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I'm going to disagree with this a little bit. We've seen other posts here on Epic describing experiences at ESA and in other places where the group effect tends to alleviate the fears. People sometimes find themselves doing things that they wouldn't ordinarily do by themselves because they see others of similar ability doing them or because they are distracted by interacting with the group or pushed by the peer effect. A good instructor will have other tricks that can get the job done in a private lesson, but for some people in some groups they will have less "work" to do in a group lesson.
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