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Cracked edge

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Well today it became clear to me that the small dark line on the last 1/4 length of my ski is in fact a cracked edge. I noticed the line back during the first season I owned the skis, (6th day on them), I thought the line was just some staining in the metal. But now a tiny piece has actually chipped away from the crack line and I can see that if I flex the ski the line actually opens and closes. Are the skis done for? Any chance of the manufacturer helping me with this?

Info: Head i.C300, 177cm, bought new from dealer in 02-03 season, 30-40 total days skied on them. I dont do moguls, I dont go the the terrain park, and I dont go around hucking off of things. I do like to speed. I have maintained the skis meticulously and have had 3-4 base grinds since I bought them, there is plenty of material on them.
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No opinions? Are they too old to even be given a serious look at even with so little relative use?
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If you can get the crack to open, fill it with superglue, clamp it well, and see what happens.

Otherwise, chuck them and upgrade to some midfats. 40 days out of a pair of skis isn't that bad....
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Thanks, I dont think glue is going to hold the metal though. Just called Head they told me to take them back the the shop I bought them from, get an RA number and and have them sent in so a tech can inspect them. Hopefully some good will come of this, the skis are clearly defective IMHO...edge must have been too hard so instead of flexing it just cracked; improper heat treatment.
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How does it ski? If you’ve been skiing on this ski for 4 years and it didn’t bother you, I’d just keep using it. It may not be perfect but it took four years to decide that the line was in fact a crack. I remember when edges were cracked every inch or so for the length of the ski. Unless it starts to come loose, ski it and keep an eye on it. If you feel it’s starting to change the way it skis then I’d replace it.
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Wow, good for Head, I would have thought that a 4 year old ski would no longer be under warranty.
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jb weld (the grey stuff with metal) is an awesome epoxy for that. I have done delams and edge repairs with it and prefer just diy to send-and-wait.
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Originally Posted by tief schnee View Post
Wow, good for Head, I would have thought that a 4 year old ski would no longer be under warranty.

They said to send them back, they didn't say they would replace them.

We'll have to wait and see. May be they know something the public doesn't.
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Have we not advanced as a skiing race? There is no form of metallurgical surgery that can spot fix a cracked edge outside of epoxy?
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Lazer weld might be able to, the heat is so localized that it might not affect the plastic around the ski. They use lazer welding in jewelry repairs where they cannot remove or do not want to remove colored stones which are easily burnt with high heat.
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XJ; can you tell if the edge is completely severed through to the bond with adjoining ski material when flexed?
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As far as I can tell its all very secure to the rest of the ski, but if I flex the crack opens and closes and there is a tiny chip right at inside of the rear edge of the crack.
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Hmmm…sounds like the edge still has enough integrity to contribute and transmit flex energy. Maybe something you can continue to live with this season (although now that you have identified this fine crack you most likely will be super sensitive physically and psychologically). Like you I was hoping to learn of some new fix other than epoxy offered up. Well, worse case, you have a good set up for your rock days. :
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