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TR- Whistler Jan 11-13

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Had a great time last week! Im just going to link my Flickr, check out the pics if you want. http://www.flickr.com/photos/65458390@N00/
I've never been to Whistler before so I was really looking forward to this trip, especilly when I heard about 6 feet of powder a few weeks back. When I got there, I think the storms had ended a few days before.
The first thing I have to say is how friendly everyone I met there was, and how much they love their mountain. Off of my very first chair to the top, I met a guy named Tristan from vancouver who showed me what Whislter is all about and took me onto a run called Riders Revenge. Tight, steep, and deep would pretty much describe it, and one of my skis submarined and came off, my DIN isnt set up for that .
The conditions on the bottom were icy basically over the lower 1/3rd of both mountains the entire time I was there, but above that, off the groomers it was soft windblown powder, somewhat skiied out but very nice. On saturday morning I tagged along with 2 guys from vancouver, Blair and Stu, over the blackcomb glacier and got in a some sweet turns in chunky crust/ powder down to the valley.
I have to mention how beautiful the weather was, 100% visibility, no clouds, and with an inversion of about 10 degrees from top to bottom. Over the years, Ive always heard how foggy and wet whistler can be, so I feel really lucky to have been there on days like I had. Oddly enough, the feel of the snow and powder made me feel right at home, being used to dry alberta rockies snow and cold temps!
My favorite run would have to be the turns off of blackcomb glacier, and a run called Arthurs Choice off of Crystal Chair. And the trail leading to the 'Shack', of course : (thank you Megan!)... and a whole lot of other runs that I loved but can't remeber the name of. I pretty much loved anything ungroomed and steep, what a great trip!
So, the bottom line is, yes, Whistler is the best resort in canada, but man is it expensive! for the budget concious, stay in squamish or pemberton!
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Nice pictures there canadamatt; looks like you had a very nice time. You got the sunshine whereas I got the powder in Jan '06. We had some quite foggy weather but the powder!

I have to agree with you regarding the friendliness of the people in Whistler (and the other resort I skied in '06 - Fernie)... I met up with a bunch of locals on the Blackcomb gondola and was shown around some of the better runs.
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Honestly, everywhere Ive ever skied people are great, but this was like, oh you've never been here before? You're from alberta? Ok, well wait till you see THIS!
Which is awesome, and exactly what i wanted! I'll do Spanky's ladder next time though, in the spring. and the symphony bowl. and.... it seems like theres so much left to do there! You have to love a trip that leaves you wanting more!
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The bootpack 13 picture is awesome. I can't wait to get out there sometime.
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