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My last post for a while

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And it's not because I'm dismayed with how the Powers That Be are running this wonderful site or anything like that. It's because I have to get on a plane tomorrow morning and fly off to the pre-ESA warmup, ESA Aspen and LGC2.5. And I'll be without computer access for a while.

See ya'll soon! Send some big storms with lots of white stuff to Vail, Keystone, Loveland, Aspen, Beaver Creek and Breckenridge. In that order! See the above links for the dates on which said snowstorms should appear. This snow-starved New Englander appreciates your support.

I'm so not going to be sleeping tonight... Who am I trying to kid? 11:20 PM and I am wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. Bags are packed. I need a valium pill or twenty here. TIME TO GO SKIING !!!!! :::
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Well I'll be darned! Someone who is not whining about how bored they are with Epic or blaming the mods for all the problems in this crazy world!: Kudos to you, Kevin! Keep in mind, once you get here you are not going to want to leave! See ya' in Aspen. Now close your eyes, go to sleep and have beautiful dreams of endless snow!
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Glad to see you gone....

To ESA. Have fun.

Hope to see you at the Tahoe gathering!
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Cool! Travel safe, and I'll be out on Friday with the "warmup" crew although I'm not going to ESA. I'll also be out next weekend for LGC 2.5.
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See you at the weekend, Kevin.
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This is just crazy talk!!!! Actually skiing instead of just talking about it????? Crazy talk I tell ya!
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The Pokolodi has wireless Internet, guys. We'll be checking in, letting you know how it's going off in Colorado. Montana's been frigid and dry with nothing but wind pummeling the slopes for weeks. I can't wait to try out my new skis on creamy vanilla snow (vs the java chip they're serving here).

And I can't wait to see all y'all!

(Kevin, in case you check in, I will stop at Costco on my way through Bozeman and pick up a rack of Drool for ya.)
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I'll be here waiting at my computer for your posts and possibly some snow.:

Actually I am out the door right now with a sharp edge and expedition wt for base. Will I remember how to ski?
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Have a ball. Wouldn't you know that when you can finally get to Colorado, winter returns to the east!
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See you at the Pokolodi, Kev! This laptop is coming with me, so we'll be staying in touch with the Brothers and Sisters.
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Jeez, we all feel so frickin' sorry for you.

What EVER are we gonna do without you here? I know, who CARES because YOU WILL BE SKIING IN REAL SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a blast! And bring some snow back with you too!

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What, they have no internet cafes in Colorado?? I think the US Rockies addicts need updates!
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Kevin, a fond farewell, and enjoy your Epic Vacation (we need a movie with Chevy Chase and Kevin as Eddie!)

Nolo, why are you talking trash about Montana snow? It's just bloody beautiful out here: better than rain and weeds on every trail! Hush hush!
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Thanks Kevin, just rub it in some more.

You better bring back some of that snow.
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Kevin, You are soooooooooooo lucky
Wide eye'd huh?
better get some sleep so you can be an alert student.

Have fun...........since I won't be there >hug<

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Kevin, I hate you! Say hi to nolo, Bob, Fox, oboe and the rest of the Bears.

We finally got the cold here and they're building a solid base at last but send us some natural!!!!!!!
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We really need it. Honest.
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Who ever you are talking to at United, try to get an e-mail address (along with their superiors) . If you do, e-mail them a link to this thread. I think a lot of good publicity for people who fly a lot is good for them. Especially with utah being a United hub.
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