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Brake Widths?

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I need bindings for a set of skis with a waist of 81mm. Will an 81mm brake work? Is there a maximum width I should consider? I was considering the Neox 412's.
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Most regular skinny brake widths will be able to fit an 81mm waist.
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Piggy-backing on the OP ... can "old" bindings' brakes be modified to handle fat skis? (Even though they are "old school" I love my MRRs. But I'm looking to get into a board with about a 100mm waist.)

- KK
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Kaptain Karl:

Go to the TGR forum and do a search on brake modification. They have had extensive discussion on this topic and you will find what you need there.
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Originally Posted by Norefjell View Post
Go to the TGR forum and do a search on brake modification....
Thanks! I was *definitely* over-thinking this "problem".

- KK
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