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Patagonia White Smoke

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The Patagonia Outlet in SLC has the Whitesmoke Softshell Jacket on sale! Regular retail is $270, Outlet price is usually $189 and they are marked down to $130. Lots of colors and sizes left. I got mine today. Can't go to that store without buying something everytime!
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Great shell, you'll love it!
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I tried on the trousers version (and 2 other models, some goretex things and some insulated things). Amazing how the same size in 3 different trousers were 3 completely different sizes. Made in China syndrome again.

The White Smokes were, sadly, the worst. Weird fit, to be polite. not at all tempted, and even at outlet prices they were not worth the asking price.

Why do they put those hipflaps on women's trousers? They look like ears.
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Love my White Smoke and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a seriously kickass shell with twice the breathability of Gore-tex. The only thing I would change would be to make the hood non-removeable for a bit less bulk around the neck.
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Finally put mine through the paces these past couple weeks. From a full on snow storm, to very cold and windy conditions, to hiking out of bounds and heating it up - it works incredibly well - very versatile:
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