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I friend and colleague opened his ski season by having the outside leg collapse during his first GS turn opening day.

He since has learned that the four tendons that play a part in attaching the Quadraceps to the knee all gave way in that collapse.

Ths surgeon who tied everything back together a couple weeks ago refuses to predict an outcome. He said the tendons were so calcified they had become brittle. As soon as one broke, the others went with it.

My friend, an avid bicyclist and fitness freak, said he was aware his tendons were calcifying because it had been mentioned when he had X-rays taken related to other injuries and procedures he'd experienced with his much-used knees. But no one had warned him the situation might lead to his present circumstance. He's about to celebrate his 70th birthday on crutches.

Anyone else heard of calcified tendons? Anyone know of a way to reduce calcification or restore tendons to better health?