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Telluride 1.18-1.21

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i'm currently in Denver awaiting a Thursday 18th am flight to Telluride.

I'll be riding in Tellu Thurs 1/2 day, Fri-Sun full days. I have some Denver buddies coming in Friday night, but I'm on my own Thur/Fri.

anybody gonna be out that way?

as i mentioned on another post:

I'm a competent skier, but tend to error on the side of caution and it's usually trepidation that ends up getting the best of me in certain situations (chutes, steeps, deep and tight moguls).

That said:

I enjoy ripping groomers

I enjoy gliding through open bowls (LOVE the T-Bar area at Breck and the back bowls of Vail)

I can handle small-to-medium moguls fairly well, but have to cherry pick through deep and tight ones. I have intermittant rhythm which comes and goes of its own volition.

I spent the last 2 seasons skiing 75-90% off-piste all around Tahoe and in Utah (Alta, Solitude, Brighton), Colo (Breck, BC, KS, Vail), and JH. I tend to ride mostly with boarders or tele and AT folks, so we gravitate toward the ungroomed stuff as much as possible. Although with this season's sparse covering so far, I've been revisiting the joy of speeding and/or making tight turns down groomers and on the packed powder/hardpack.

In Colo I have ridden at
Breck: as noted, love the T-Bar area off Peaks 7/8, but also enjoy some of the stuff at the top of Peak 9.
BC: rode mostly on Larkspur and Grouse Mountain when I was there 2 seasons ago
Vail: like the bowls off of Two Elk Lodge
Copper: rode all over, but mostly on the groomers due to conditions
Keystone: back, back mountain
Loveland: went for the first time the other day. most of the bowls were closed, so just ripped the groomers and some windblown.

again, i'm not a ripper or a hucker, but i do my best to hold my own.
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Originally Posted by dookey67 View Post
I enjoy ripping groomers
Check out Milk Run & The Plunge (Upper).

Grooming Schedule Map.
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Telluride kinda kicked my a$$!

I stumbled upon The Plunge on Thursday last and rode that the most. Liked the gentle lead in to the bump section and then the breakaway to lower Bushwacker.

I did the Milk Run on Friday and it was icy. Was digging my Mantras in something fierce just to keep an edge and not slide down into town!

Little Rose totally jacked me on Sunday. I was wishful thinking it would be great due to the previous night's snowfall. Actually the top part was, but the gully was murder. What's more is that it was my idea to shoosh down it and then my buddies ended up waiting on my slow a$$. I was humbled, to be sure.

I've now come to the conclusion that I'm a solid skier, just slow and a little timid.

That and the vertical and altitude at Telluride worked me something fierce. I swear a run like The Plunge is equal to at least 5 runs at any of the resorts in Tahoe, easy.

I'd love to come back when there's some serious snow, though, as the conditions were pretty similar to Tahoe. My Mantras took a bit of a licking on the bases (no core shots, but lots of grooves and nicks).

The more I think about it, too, I think the 177's are doing me fine. Got me through 5 days in Colo (Copper, Loveland, 3X@Telluride).

Also, had some great nights out with some locals (a housekeeper and a lawyer showed us the ropes).
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