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How to carry on boots?

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Can you just flop them over your shoulder? I can't fit them in my backpack but I'd like to carry them on.
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On what, a plane? Confused.
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i use a boot bag. It counts as my "small hand bag"
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take your power straps and velcro them to each other ... then put over the top of your knapsack ... one boot on each side with the power strap band across the top
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Take a look at Transpack.
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On your feet.
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Yes, Marge--you can just hook the powerstraps together and throw them over your shoulder. I've done it often, and I've never been questioned, even when I've carried another pack as my main carryon. Of course, it's always easier if you can put them in your pack and carry just one thing. . . .

However you do it, DO carry them on! In the last four years that I've traveled to Stowe for the EpicSki Academy in the fall, the airlines have lost all my checked luggage on one end of the trip or the other, each time. Don't let 'em get your boots!

Best regards,
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Thank you everyone. Yes, I'm sorry.... I meant on the plane. I'll already have a backpack with the kids stuff, my camera backpack, and a car seat. I was hoping not to have to take another bag. That's how I always carry them anywhere else but wasn't sure if I had to have them in some sort of bag.

Thanks for all the help!

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I always put them in a backpack, flat, with the buckles together (like shoes in a shoebox). That way I can slip the backpack on, and still have both hands to carry other stuff. Plus the backpack is pretty flat for stowing under the seat or overhead. Travel packs or large day packs work great.

I don't like carrying stuff with shoulder straps (as is found on most boot bags) because the strap always slides off.

My wife usually uses her small rolling suitcase since she also carries a small backpack as her purse.
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The airlines allow a both carry-on and a "purse". Slinging them over your shoulder makes them a "purse" so you can still take an additional carry-on. I use an actual "boot carry strap" rather than velcroing the power straps together; 1) it is longer so they hang farther down your body and are not wacking you about the head and shoulders constantly, and it allows you to drop them over the back of your neck so you're not walking hunch-backed trying to keep them from sliding off your shoulder, 2) I don't like putting that kind of awkward off-angle strain on my power straps (a hold over from the older Langes where that would crack the plastic where they were mounted).
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Please put this in resorts conditions and travel where it belongs
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Spyder Govy Backpack.
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Dakine Boot Locker....has a really good lower compartment just for boots and a top part for the helmet and other random stuff. I'd never check a helmet never know what strain get's put on it in the bagage compartment... Basically I always carry on everything I need for a day of skiing other than skis themselves: boots, helmet, googles, pants, long underwhere, fleece, jacket, gloves. That way if they lose my bags, I just have to demo a pair of skis to get going..and yes, it happens.

As an aside, sometimes on the smaller CRJ jets I can't carry the bag on, but they check it planeside and you always get those back right away.
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I know plenty people that just strap the boots together and throw them in the overhead compartment. But, I have these scary thoughts of somebody opening the compartment with a stray boot falling out onto some little kid's head. That said, I put my boots in a boot bag which has less chance of shifting while in flight.
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I got the cheapest boot bag they had at a ski shop near me. It cost me $20. They tried to sell me one for $50 that had all kinds of compartments and came in fancy colors, but I wanted to go cheap.

I like it, it's simple, has a compartment for boots, a single zipper pocket that I can fit my books/plane ticket/wallet in and theres enough extra room around my boots to put extraneous stuff like hats/gloves/scarf that i was wearing on the way into the airport. It has two small handles and a simple over-the-shoulder strap. No padding. For 20 bucks if it bugs me, I'll wrap it in a towel and some duct tape.

All that and it stows under the bottom of the seat in front of me (granted I'm a short woman and it does cut down on some leg room).

Pretty good for 20 bucks huh!
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I suppose you could wear them. It would, perhaps, give a somewhat sarcastic tone to the shoe-removal phase of airport security (particularly if they're Dobermann's or other plug boots where you have to wrench the whole liner in and out).
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I just flew home w/ my boots as loose carry-ons. On my trip out I put them in my pack, but on my way home I just didn't have enough room. It didn't seem like it was a problem and I saw many people doing the same thing.

They usually don't fit under the seat, so be careful when opening the overhead bin. However, it certainly would be humorous seeing you walk through the airport with them on
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I would pay to see someone wearing boots on the plane! LOL!!

But depending on your flight length, your feet might swell, and good luck getting them off!
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Don't forget your cat tracks if your going to wear them on the plane or through the airport!
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Boots on the plane

Southwest once told me no, at the security checkpoint, after I checked all my other luggage. They said I could use them as a weapon Yikes...

So from then on, I've put then in a little wheeled piece of luggage- no problems with that. That's my carry-on now.
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I always put my boots (and a day's worth of ski clothes) in a regular rollaboard as my carry-on, and then check my large Transpack boot bag since it counts as one piece with my skis. Then I load up the Transpack with shoes and other clothes. And I still have another suitcase in my allowance.

I think technically you aren't supposed to do that (the boot bag half of the ski/boot bag combo is supposed to contain your ski boots, not your cowboy boots), but I've never had a problem with it.
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FWIW, I carried mine on (in addition to a barely-legal-sized-if-not-slightly-over Burton Zoom Pack with my camera gear and other necessities) on JetBlue last April, without incident. A pair of boots combined is bigger than the "purse" size listed, but my backup plan was to wear them (which, fortunately, I didn't need to do, so I'm not sure how well that would actually work). On the way back, I managed to stash them in my suitcase (I wasn't anticipating any on-snow time in the immediate future), which did make life a bit easier.
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In 77, I got left at a ski area by some frat boys with only the clothes I was wearing. Walking thru O’Hare in lime green Hanson’s, padded pants and sweater was quite the experience.

Everything I need to ski is always with me in a backpack style boot bag.
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?? huh ??
- carry boots to vehicle with your hands*.
- start vehicle.
- drive to mountains, hills or bumps.
- turn off vehicle.
- get out of vehicle.
- remove boots from vehicle.
- remove the footware you drove to the mountains in.
- insert foot 'A' in to ski boot 'A'
- insert foot 'B' in to ski boot 'B'

*may substitute hands with a trained monkey.

Hope that helped.
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Originally Posted by Freeheelin View Post
- carry boots to plane with your hands.
- start plane.
- fly to mountains, hills or bumps.
- turn off plane.
- get out of plane.
- remove boots from plane.
- remove the footware you flew to the mountains in.
- insert foot 'A' in to ski boot 'A'
- insert foot 'B' in to ski boot 'B'
Man I wish it was it like that!
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