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Need new skis, completely lost as to what to get

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Here is all I know. I want some all mountain skis that I can take on groomers, in the trees, some park, and definetly into the powder. I don't want to spend too much, preferably around 4 or 5 hundred dollars with bindings. I don't really know what I should be looking for, so any help whatsoever would be appreciated. For spec info, I am 5'9, 200lbs, an intermediate skier (but improving). Right now I am using Volkl Superspeeds in 161 in length, but I don't really get the control that I want on them.
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What part of the world do you ski, and how deep will you regularly expect the powder to be?

Regularly is the key word here. Not how deep you hope it to be, or how deep it was on the last TGR movie you saw, but what will you really see on a normal basis and be able to tackle from your skill standpoint?

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Originally Posted by SierraJim View Post
Regularly is the key word here. Not how deep you hope it to be, or how deep it was on the last TGR movie you saw

OK. Resume discussion.
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I ski in CO, mainly Keystone. If I am hitting powder, it will usually only be about 6-8 inches, unless I hit the backbowls, then it could be up to a foot or 2.
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Used Rossi B3 (06 or 07) or B2.
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Given where you ski, it should be pretty easy to demo some options.
B3, Outlaw, Legend 8800, AC3, Elan 777.... plenty of choices. Buy in the spring when skis drop in price.
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You remind me of one of my tech support customers. My usual response is: Need more info.

Please tell us the following:

- How agressively you ski
- Describe your skill level
- Do you favor short or long turns?
- Are you looking for a ski that is more forgiving than precise
- How physically strong are you?
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Yeah, sorry, I guess I was pretty vague.

I ski pretty aggressively, but not super intense. I do go all out all the time though. I am an intermediate level skier. I feel comfortable on pretty much anything, I just don't feel as comfortable on anything really steep unless it isn't very crowded. I want to be able to do more short turns, because my current skis make it kind of hard. I don't want a ski that will make it impossible to ski without being perfect, but I would like something that will be relatively responsive when I need it. As for strength, my upper body isn't very strong, but I have very strong legs, and I am 200 lbs, but I am not that fat, so I am pretty dense.
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k2 seths for more off piste but still be able work on groomers. head im88 for more on piste but still able to go off
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I can be pretty dense sometimes as well, weighing 250. I ski harder snow most of the time, on Fischer RX-8's, length 165, but my ski for mixed snow as you described is the Fischer AMC 76, which I ski in a 176 length. You could ski that length or 170, and be very happy with an AMC 76.
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I dont think youre on the right skis now either. Superspeeds want steep fast long turns. Go with a B2- soft enough for you, wide enough for Keystone, able to make some shorter turns with.
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K2 - PE
Karma - used to get that price.

You need a twin tip for the park, right!

How old are you?

I don't think you need a real wide ski for 90% of the powder you will get to ski.
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I demoed the Superspeeds once. Seemed to me that they would be a lot of work off piste. Why not try something in the midfat range that has some carving capabilities. Atomic Metrons, Elan Magfires, Nordicas, etc. I wouldn't go for the top of the line models though. In the Metrons, instead of getting the B5's, look for an M11 or 10, in the Elans go for the Magfire 10 instead of the 12, etc. Unfortunately, those models are also popular, so you might have a hard time finding a deal on any, although that might depend on what part of the country you live in. In areas that have had a crappy winter like in the East, shops are probably starting to get nervous and thinking of unloading their inventory earlier than usual. You might be able to find a deal online. A good person to ask for advice would be Dawgcatching, who demos a lot and sells skis online and posts here regularly. He might be able to hook you up.
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This may work well for you? I have a set of Rossignol Scratch BC'c in a 178cm length. With a sidecut of 128-98-121 and a radius of 20.8, this ski turns extreemly well and has great float in the powder and trees. I run a 324 mm, size 10.5 Salomon boot and the bindings have adjustment. I have the Rossignol Axial Pro 140 bindings mounted on them. They have 2 hours on them, mint on tops, bottoms, edges (no base shots, no dissapointments): $500 plus ship, there yours!
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