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Winter Park. You fly to DIA [ a major hub for United ?,] take a shuttle to the Denver tain station, and the train to Winter Park. Central US location, and accesible without the need of a car.

With a car, not that far away. As to Apres ski, haven't a clue.
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Hey, seeing that Skiminker opened this topic back up I'll jump in. Posting from an internet cafe in the Canadian Rockies at the moment, in Jasper, while waiting for my train to Vancouver.

After a couple of days up here, I definitely vote for the Canadian Rockies - so put me down for the Fernie plan. I'm thinking that if the Bears do Fernie, I might do a loop of Fernie, Lake Louise, Sunshine Village (skis tight together like Rob Butler's 'Personal Performance Tips' on 'Skiers World/Pontiac World of Skiing') and some other areas.

Also maybe come up the icefields parkway up to Jasper and hang out here again a few days. I think I'd prefer this over CO. With the right advance planning it may be possible to do this relatively cheaply; airfares and car rentals can't be higher than the highly in-demand trips into Colorado.

Anyhow that's my vote. But I'd still make the attempt at the other locations too.

Well, time to hit the rails. Later,
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You guys have GOT to see Mark's Rob Butler imitations!

My city your mountain, stay with me stay...
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Not you but he knows who he is.


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Guess that might be me; but even if it isn't, Ed, shoot me an email. I tried to forward some info to you, but it bounced. I must have a bad email address for you.
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gonz, do the Fernie Mtn Guides do backcountry trips? If so, can you find and post an email address or phone or web site?
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Sometimes at the Academy Awards show, while the presenter is saying "And the winner is......", the wrong actor will start to stand up, thinking it's for him. It's pretty funny when that happens.
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I investigated Island Lake for our last trip to BC, but it is wasy out of our price range with our weak Kiwi dollar, sounds awesome though. Their web site says space still available in December and April for the 2001-2002 season. Looks like you have to book a long way in advance, so if you wanted to add on a couple of days there after the bears gathering it is probably too late.
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Island Lake is indeed booked, as is the other cat ski operation they bought last year, Sno Much Fun. FWA, however, has open dates. they charge 230/day CAn, which I guess is about 150 in greenbacks. Am also looking around for a backcountry guide service in the Fernie area. Anybody know of one?
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So, where are we going?????
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A bc guide service in Fernie is http://www.mountainpursuits.net/Winter.html
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