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Something that doesn't seem to have been hit on is that this year, from what it sounded like, one of the big reasons for the success is that you all had a host that kind of took control of things and acted as a guide. Has anyone thought that it might be important to have a local willing to show everyone around, give good information on lodging and possibly even talk to a local hotel about it? We could probably all land anywhere but without a local AC there things might turn out differently. Is there anyone really familiar with all the areas recommended? I also would like to address Oboe's point of "the plans" for other than level 9 skiing and other activities. If as many people show up as are posting a convention center might be appropriate .
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Gonzo-Just so you know, you can do Vail on the cheap. It can be done. I have done it. There are discounts and coupons and nice, cheap lodging. You just need to look. As a former resident of the town, I can tell you first hand that not everyone there is as loaded and pretentious as you think.

Just out of curiosity, have you been to Vail?
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I have a question about Fernie. Can you drop me an e-mail at powdigger@epicski.com


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I know it's kinda touristy but what about Whistler. I know with a group of 20, I can get a week for less than 800, ski in ski out condos on the blackcomb side, 6 days lift tickets, lodging and air from SF. good night life and a mountain that will handle the full range of skiers. A weekend up there must be real inexpensive.

Telluride was about 850 for a week (same deal except not ski in-ski out and only 5 day lifts with a group of 25. Vail 4 years ago was 875.00 and 5 days lifts.

Not sure how it would work with people coming from all over the place but we usually travel with daman Nelson Travel. They specialize in ski vacations and have departures from all over north america.
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I like the Whistler idea. Some friends not on this list have been talking about meeting in Whistler next year and it would be good for me to combine the trips.
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For Utah, late season is good. Less crowds, more snow, it's cheaper and folks are in better ski shape (hopefully). Usually the "dead" season starts the last week in March.

Next year you have the Olympics and the Paralympics, so anything after March 16th is better.
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Gonz, You've been pushing awfully hard for Fernie and other areas around you, then you wrote: >>Sounds like Kima wants everyone to come to her home mountain so she won't have to travel or buy lift tix.<<

Now, if that ain't the pot calling the kettle black, I don't know what is!!!!

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the travel company I got those deals from is daman nelson www.skirun.com
check out some of the current specials that ran this year. http://www.skirun.com/specials/alaskan_special.htm http://www.skirun.com/specials/whistler_special.htm

These are per person type specials. With a group rate, we can push the prices down quite a bit.
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<< NO RESORTS! >> Well, gonz, I guess that eliminates 90% of the destination ski areas out there, including Fernie.

AC mentioned that last year over 100 said they would attend, but only a dozen actually booked and made the trip, so numbers for this year are ??? In regards to comments about what we are looking for in a ski trip, well, last year I would guess we spent about $20 - 25 a night for dinner, the room cost averaged about $100 single occupancy with lift tix @ $45 per day. Adding airfare, car rental, other meals, ski rental, I'd say the trip cost me close to an even grand for three days of great skiing and great company. If the "typical" cost of this year's trip is $1000, is that too high?
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I have to agree with Whistler. Not only does it have amazing terrain for every ability (and a whole lot of it), but it also has the social aspects, the Canadian dollar, and the fact that you won't need a rental car. The bus trip from Vancouver airport to Whistler can be expensive, but if big groups of people get there around the same time, you can hire a 24 passenger van/bus, get private service, and it'll cost a lot less. Last time I went, I did the math, and it only took about 6-8 people to make a 24 passenger bus cheaper than the Perimeter Bus Lines. And Perimeter takes forever to get you there because they stop so often. The one drawback is that the airfare is more expensive, and it can take a long time to get there from the east and mid west. But I've been there 3 times in the last 4 years, and it was worth it.

BTW, I have no idea whether I'll be able to make the trip (no matter where you go). I'm about to have a kid and lose one income. If I even think of going, the wife will want to come with me (or shoot me). So I won't know until the last minute

Note: US holidays should be avoided at Whistler. Since it's only a 5 hr drive from Seattle, it can get crowded there.
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having been to whistler/blackcomb, i can only say...

HELL FREAKIN' YES!!!!!!!!! let's DO IT.
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If the trip ends up being in Whistler, can you pick one of the later dates? I hear it's cccccoooold.

Admittedly, I am a wuss. I like warmth. No need to make commentary
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It's not very cold there. Nothing like Colorado because it's close to the ocean. It is, however, damp.

I say, do Whistler. Accomodations can be really cheap if you stay closer to the bottom of the village.

There is also a better chance of me being able to make it if you do whistler, because my wife loves it there, as do the other ski instructors at my mountain. We all went there last year, and they want to go back. So there is the off chance that I could be there for both a Bears gathering and trip with my buds from home.

Also, for those with the disposable income, do a 5 of 6 or 6/7 day pass, and go Heli skiing with Whistler Heli Ski on the off day. That way, you still ski every day, and the heli trip is worth every penny (not cheap - expect to drop $400-$450 US$), especially if you've never gone heli skiing before. If LOTS of Bears want to go heli skiing, someone should call Whistler Heli Ski ahead of time to reserve space for everyone. We had 18 (of our group of 25) go last year, and did that.
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I would be interested in going just about anyplace. A thought: I've been meaning to put together a 20 minute video that would serve as an audition piece for fitness conferences. It would consist of the type of balance oriented, core stability fitness stuff I teach. The caveat: They want to see it taught to "real people" and are usually pretty savy about instructors asking a professional collegue to participate. If we could get the space, would any if you be interested?

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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gonzostrike, sensing a little hostility here. What gives?

Sure I would love it if the gathering could be someplace that I could attend. Sounds like we are in the same boat, spending 1,000 for 3-4 days of skiing, X two in my case, is probably not realistic for me.

Next year is a long way away, who knows.
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thanks gonzo, if you will look at my original post I did include Steamboat or Summit County too. If there's to be both skiers and non-skiers coming a "resort" answers the needs of the many rather than the few.

I love Vail, but to each his own. If it were up to me Steamboat would be the place. Easy access by air or car. Not to big not to small.

Hard to please everyone. Any of us that gets a few friends and family visiting to ski knows how difficult it can be.
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Lisamarie, I attended a Pilates class yesterday (my first one) and the instructor said there is a steep learning curve as to performing the movements correctly. There were quite a few people in the class and with one instructor help was in short supply. Is it critical to perform the basic moves just so or is it something that will come in time?
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To me a ski resort is simply an area that has on-site lodging and caters to an overnight crowd versus a ski area that everyone has to drive to and is predominately a day-tripper place.

I'm using $1000 as an upper limit for those that would need to fly, rent a car, rent gear, etc. Obviously, if you can drive to the destination, bring all your own gear, etc. you can do this trip for quite a bit less cash outlay. I'm just trying to give Powdigger and the rest of the 'committee' some idea of what people are willing to spend on this.

gonz, I understand your desire for a mountain with good skiing and lack of interest in other services beyond what the hill has to offer. For some others who might be bringing along family or non-skiing spouses/partners, it would be nice if the area had more to offer than a seat in the lodge to watch everyone else ski. Sounds like you've been to Fernie, so whadda think? Would a non-skier enjoy the area?
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also, gonz, though i think whistler/blackcomb skiing would meet your desires (and expectations?), I have to say i'd put it in the resort category, too, rather than "quasi-resort." not pickin' atcha, just a heads-up. honestly, heaven for me would be just to hang at alta but that ain't for everyone (either). and while i like the ski/sleep/ski cycle (with a beer or two tossed into the mix), i found the base scene at whistler to be kinda fun, even a bit electric/eclectic. quite international. but it's not that hard to get away from if that buzzing sound isn't for (the editorial) you.

another thing, the snow can be "damp" and one can get rain. still, the terrain - something for EVERYONE(as john said) and plenty of it. i personally think a skier owes it to him/herself to give it a shot at SOME point in their ski life. (i'd add also that i found the look of the mountains to be SOMEwhat reminiscent of mammoth.)

that's all. (for now.)
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ryan, I just got back from B/W and there is something for everyone there. Usually the upper part of the mountain is good even if the base area isn't. In four days I skied in sunshine, snowing hard, spring conditions and new fairly light snow.
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Oh this is funny. The members of our i'site here in Australia (which I won't name..) can't even get consensus on a place to meet for our annual weekend.

And we have a choice of what, 4 resorts!!!

Whistler gets my vote, I'll be there some time in February 2002, and I'd love to meet everyone.

And you want to talk exchange rates? Try 48c US to AUD1. Heartbreaking.

Considering the exchange rate, have you considered the Southern Hemisphere? You'd only have to wait until August.....
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Lucky: Great that you took a Pilates class. It is correct that there is a steep learning curve. But like skiing, just when you think you have it perfect, there is always something you can do to improve. In answer to your question, "old school" Pilates instructors will not let you advance unless you have most of the minute details down pat. Those of us who are a bit more progressive will give you some leeway for trial and error, provided you are in the realm of safety.
I am currently answering a bunch of Pilates questions in the thread called Weight training exercises. Feel free to jump in!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Sounds like they are all afraid of a little culture shock. Well they don't have three ply in the washrooms at Fernie either, if anyone was concerning themselves with ammenities.
I could probably get a deal at the Raging Elk if anyone is interested, as I work with a member of owners family. But I somehow doubt that anyone is interested in staying at the hostel.
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I'm friends with the Ski School Director and assistant Director at Portillo Chilie. The director is Mike Rogan, PSIA D-Team member (I've skied with him a few times), and the asst Dir is Ron Hawkes, PSIA examiner and director at Hunter Mountain in NY. I'm much closer with Ron, because he was my director at Whitetail for the first 3 years we were open (90/91-93/94), and I still see him every year. Although he may not be going down to Chilie anymore because I think he had a kid recently. His wife, Jan, is well known in the world of teaching children (skiing). I've always wanted to go down there in the (our) summer, but I've never been able to do it.
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August in Chile sounds good - especially when compared to the surrounding mountains in August.
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Wait . . . Gonzo are you saying there is no sexual room service in Fernie?!? I am going to have to reconsider.
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Canada is cheaper for the New Zealanders and Aussies. Our money does not go far in the US. twoKiwis will be in Fernie sometime in Feb/Mar 2002, so will arrange dates/itinery around gathering if the decision is made to go there. So Fernie gets my vote, and I would say the Aussies vote as well.
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Hey ED, is there any consensus forming here and Gonz, are you offering to be the guide at Fernie?
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Any more to say on this thread? Thought I'd bring the topic back from the dead....
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The decision is close and we are waiting for a certain member of the forum to turn in his research. Then we will announce what we have found.


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