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Ed - I guess my suggestion via email never got through, as Alaska has not even been discussed as an option.

I think Girdwood should be considered. Take a look at TGR's web page for glarin reasons in technicolor. Girdwood has:

1) Incredible heli and cat skiing in the famed Chugach Mountains.

2) Resort skiing where there is currently a 250 inch base at the top created from over 800 inches of snowfall.

3) 45 minutes from Anchoragua (daily non-stops from Seattle, Portland, SLC, Chicago, and Mineapolis).

4) Varied lodging to fit any budget from hostels to B&Bs to a four diamond hotel.

5) A Bear who owns a bar!

Why put off skiing in Alaska another year? You know you want to do it!
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SETTLED THEN. Ski Fernie outta Gonz's place, which includes the hour when Gonz meets and greets and we all just stare at him, waiting for him to...be Gonz. Cool. Missoula, here we come!!!!

Yo, Gonz. I'll bring the beer. (All you winos, talk to the DCHAN man.)

Good weekend to all, I'm off to Coloradeeeeee (To ski, of course, but primarily rent me one of them fancy-schmancy SUVs,for the pose, ya knows. See ya on the flipside.)

Gonz, ya keepin' that spin range in the 90 rpm range? We gotta take care of our ever-aging knees. <FONT size="1">

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Gonzo you are mistaken sir! There is no rally here for any place yet. I have already looked into flying into Calgary and the price is not prohibitive and in fact down right reasonable assuming that we book well in advance. To be fair I am not the deciding vote here and would never try to force the issue on anyone. However, I will tell you that my early and favorite choice is for Fernie. But I need those hard numbers on price so that we can compare it to the other options. I just don't think that it would be fair at this point to close off any possibility especially if a compelling argument can be made. In fact, I am encouraging argument but you must back it up with the numbers and facts.

Your insight to the Fernie area is important. I need names of hotels, motels and condo's. I want a fair and open discussion on the matter. Thereafter, I will choose the place that I want. Just kidding! There has got to be some consensus on the issue and convincing too.

Although, a hard choice will have to be made and I am sure that someone will be disappointed. However, the good news is that there is always the year after.


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I did get your e-mail. Sorry bud I did not know it was you. I have been rippin' and running since the original post. Your suggestion is great and let's face it most of us will have to fly somewhere why not Alaska. Geez its not like we are going to Siberia or something. Well maybe close. Make us believers. If I wanted to stay close to but not in Alyeska and do it comfortable but inexpensive where would I stay?


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I admit, I didn't read through all these messages. You guys post some long ass messages here. I will say that it would be a very cool thing for you Bears to schedule your trip in SLC during the Olympics next year. The skiing will be had at other venues and mountains in the area for sure, especially at discounted rates. You all can checkout the winter Olympics and ski with people from around the world. Sounds like a cool op. to me. Just an idea. You all seem to be ski freaks so why not check out the best in the world while enjoying yourselves.
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"5) A Bear who owns a bar!"

Gets my vote!
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I have been recieving many e-mails with suggestions and the best one yet points out that:

"Don't plan BC early as this isn't much daylight and not as much snow cover. Early would be Colorado/ Utah."

These are both valid points. Therefore, where we go may be dictated by when we go.



Jan 2002 Weekends

Jan. 4, 5, 6.
Jan. 11, 12, 13.
Jan. 18, 19, 20.(MLK weekend)
Jan. 25, 26, 27.

Feb. 2002 Weekends

Feb. 1, 2, 3.
Feb. 8, 9, 10.
Feb. 15, 16, 17. (Prez Day)
Feb. 22, 23, 24. (Same weekend as last year)

March 2002 Weekends

March 1, 2, 3.
March 8, 9, 10.
March 15, 16, 17. (St. Patty Day)
March 22, 23, 24.
March 29, 30, 31.

Give me some input here.

ED<FONT size="1">

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We enjoyed Fernie on our last trip, although we thought it weird that in a ski town, the biggest skip shop in downtown was closed on a Sunday? And no, it was not a fresh powder day.

At Fernie, if you don't stay on the mountain you have a 5 minute drive to the resort. Most won't have cars, so that may mean staying on the mountain and that costs more. I think it would be best to stay on the mountain, plenty of bars and restaurants. I cannot suggest anywhere as we stayed at a B&B in town. We found the town quiet, but I think you had to know where to go.
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For accessibility reasons, and ease of getting to the slopes, the post Olympics Utah suggestion, may have the most merit. Park City, maybe the best location because you actually have a town right there, and that creates so much more in terms of apres' ski activities.

Some of the other locations certainly have thier merits, but become more difficult if you are trying to get a lot of people from diverse hometown locations to those areas.
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We went to Fernie several years ago and rented a chalet at the bottom of the hill.
Huge log place, with about 5 bedrooms(some had bunk beds), kitchen, living room, fireplace. Stuffed bear standing in the corner. Very nice place. Lift tickets included. Was quite reasonably priced. I think ours was arranged through Fernie Mountain Properties.
Found this link to Fernie accommodations, may be useful. http://insidefernie.com/accommodations
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Great link. Here is the homepage http://insidefernie.com/

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if we go to Utah we can help Lodro look for his toenails.....
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I found the last weekend in Feb. worked very well for me last year. It avoids the crowds on President's Day, but is generally too early for the Spring break crowds to start. The disadvantage with any non-holiday weekend is that it's much harder for any family to come along (depends on your view about taking your kids out of school for a ski trip, I suppose).
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Ya, what Wink said, but first consider Colorado for those reasons. Also, Salt Lake City environs aren't all so horrible as has been stated elswhere above. In addition to Alta and Snowbird, there's also Big Cottonwood with Solitude etc. Still, Colorado . . . Anyway, I think we're putting the cart before the horse. Let's ask first: What are the goals we seek to reach? Are all the Bears interested in steeps and chutes? Is this a family thing, or just an individual Bear thing? How much of the meeting activity must rely on a variety of apre ski? etc. I'd like to steer the converstaion in that direction first, and then we'll have some better idea of where to go. Of course, the date will have an impact. If I go alone, it doesn't matter, but if I travel with my son, then I need a school vacation period [or else play hooky]. The three major factors for me are accessibility, appropriate terrain for the likes of me, and cost. Almost any ski area will serve to get us together, which is the main thing, but which one will meet the broadest range of needs and desires? Let's hear it!
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One thing to consider. Utah has lots of +'s, but because of the way lodging is, it would be good to try to get a package deal at a place to stay so that we don't end up with folks staying everywhere from Sany to PC to Canyons, and not be able to do much apres ski stuff. It would also be nice to stay in a place that is more skier friendly, rather than some road-side motel or hotel that is geared toward city slickers.
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Yes please Colorado. Just got back from Park City. (Great Time!) Seems a lot more costly in terms of accommodations and lift tickets. Deals abound in Colorado. Steamboat offers easy access by air. Summit County, CO or Vail has lots to offer for everyone, both skiers and non-skiers.

This is very self serving of course, would love to attend but probably could not swing a trip by air. But who knows, planning a trip for next year seems so far away.
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I am with Kima, Vail might be a good idea. I was there a couple of weeks ago and we stayed at the West Vail Lodge for $169 a night. We talked them into giving us a 2 bedroom for the price of one. I'd imagine if we booked lots of rooms, they'd be flexible. Our condo slept 6 people. It had a free shuttle to the mountain and a bar, pool and jacuzzi downstairs. Getting in from Denver is a cheap van ride and there are discount tickets to be had.

So there you have it...my $.02
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s/o please post the dates of the SLC Olympic games next year
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if we are going to talk colorado, let me put in a plug here for Crested Butte
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By the way, what's wrong with Tahoe?
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Crested Butte? Might be fun.
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Crusty Butt sort of kills the whole idea of the "convenience" factor for Colorado, doesn't it? I think it's in the best interest to go somewhere within, say, 2 hrs of DIA if we want to get a large group. Very few airlines fly into Durango (is that the town near CB? And all of the Denver locals would have a long, nasty drive, and would not be able to day-trip it if they wanted. I would vote for anything between Denver and Vail (or the 'boat). I've never driven out to Aspen, so I don't know how far a drive it is. What kind of deals can Wigs work for us?

Hey Wigs, did Megan Harvey get out on skis this year after f-ing up her leg?

edit: Gunnison! That's the place. Not Durango. Thanks JW. Still, not many flights in there.<FONT size="1">

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So far all looks good except the times. I'll have to wait until you guys pick a time and place before I make a decision so don't stop planning on my account.
I have 2 full weeks scheduled for next year. Either third or last week of january and third week of Feb. are already booked for next year with my Family and relatives.
I would love to go to Utah again though!
After the Olympics it should be pretty quiet.
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dchan wrote: >>so don't stop planning on my account<<

Rather presumptuious, eh? (or should I say "rather g-dubs of you"?)

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Crested Butte, you fly into Gunnison; then drive 30 minutes up to the Butte. I'd say that's pretty convenient.
PS--if conveneince is the key, why don't we hold the meeting at Elk Mountain here in the Poconos. It'd be real close for the Philly Bears, and for the rest, PHL gets many flights in and out and is a whole lot easier to deal with than DIA.
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I was being funny...

or trying to be. Just saying plan where ever, I'll try to catch up.
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For purely selfish reasons I opt for either Fernie or JH since I can easily drive to either. If we do Jackson Hole I gladly stop off on my way at Big Sky to pick up anyone (like JW) that might want to spend a couple days there before hand.
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actually, i think Big Cottonwood is Solitude and Brighton. And, respectfully, "lame terrain" for whom? My assumption - erroneous? - is that this is ALSO something of a social gathering that might include friends/lovers/significant others/spouses/pets(miles ) for whom steeps and chutes are not the be- and end-all. by the way, maybe jupiter at park city and empire canyon at deer valley are nothing for YOU but might present glorious challenges for some of us bears who aren't (yet) the most skilled skiers.
some nice steeps at the canyons, too. and it certainly isn't as if people who want the sicker stuff that alta/snowbird provide can't get there and back and still meet up with the rest of the group later for apres-ski.

i think this holds true, too, for flying into denver. (or vancouver, or bozeman, or reno, or....) <FONT size="1">

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My priorities are closer to Rondo's. Rondo note, PC and DV are not in Big Cottonwood, though. As I've said before I'd be delighted to ski Snowbird and Snowbain again next year. Am concerned about cost and crowds.

Maybe the Utah advocates here could post: dates of the Olympics; date thereafter the bargains and deals kick in; and examples of the latter. Specifically, what does a hotel room or condo run in PC after the Olympics(When I ski SLC I stay in the Best Western a in Sandy. Not sure this is the best place for a group meting though. If the goup chooses SLC, I think inevitably you will end up staying in PC, even if we choose to ski elsewhere. So it makes sense to be considering prices in PC.) I suspect there will be no bargains in PC next season, but it may not hurt to start throwing some facts into the mix here.<FONT size="1">

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SLC Olympics:

Feb 8 thru 24.

Much pre-games activities.

Utah looks like toast for late January until early to mid March.
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