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I saw an earlier post where someone mentioned they bought an NBC olympic DVD at costco. Does anyone know where i can buy one on the net or at another store (there is not a costco where i live.)

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I bought the NBC Olympics DVD at Target. You can also buy it at Best Buy. Probably any place that sells DVDs. Skiing footage is limited, however.
I would like to find another DVD with more emphasis on the Olympic ski racing. Maybe CBC or BBC has a DVD also?
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thanks, I would also like to find a DVD with primarely ski racing.
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The recent edition of American Ski Coach was offering VCR tapes of the 00, 01 and 02 WC runs at about $50 a copy. If you have any interest I'll dig through my truck and find a contact.
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Some ski racing tapes are available at the USST web site
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I appreciate the offer, but 50 bucks is too much for me right now. damn, if only i wouldn't have bought those $8 burgers at the mountain every weekend!
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As usual, my memory fails! The price was $45 for the set of two, the 2000 & 2001 "Winning Runs".

2001 WC Winning Runs: SL, GS, SG & DH .... $30
2000 WC Winning Runs: SL, GS, SG & Dh .... $20

Passin the Big 50 is all DH .... but in slow motion! :
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