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Contagious Vitriol onsite

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I'd taken a small sabbataical from the hallowed halls of Epic, as there seems to be an habitually-recurrent (and rarely successful) need, amongst a few too many posters, to "tear apart" the opinions or experiences of others.
Has the fine art of stating that one "respectfully disagrees" simply vanished from some corners of our society?
I have no problem with helping the pathologically-confrontational show their tremendous foot-in-mouth posture to the site, at large, however, this is not what I log on to this community for.
Has anyone else an explanation for this?
I have found this phenomenon in both the "marijuana" and the "World's Longest Snowboard" threads...

Anyway- Cheers to all Bears, "irregardless"
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I am sorry to see you and that you feel this way. I personally view the internet as a buffet, I take what I want and leave the rest. I try not to let the bean salad ruin my meal.
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I am sorry to see you and that you feel this way.
Hi Hem--I am not sorry to see you! (And I don't think Phil is either.)

I'm not sure that a lot has really changed, although since I've seen this site grow a lot (I am member #555, and I thought it was huge then!), I've certainly seen a lot more people show up whose main intent seems to be just to agitate.

I think that the moderators are doing a fine, if very difficult, job of managing the growing pains of a site that has truly become the tour de force of skiing sites world-wide. It will be a never-ending battle, and I'm certain that they'll never please everyone!

Happy New Year to you, and welcome back!

Best regards,
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I'm member #45, and hey, what can I say? Just exactly what Bob Barnes said.

Live long and prosper.
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Indeed, the moderators here at Epic do an
EXCELLENT job, regardless of what my SSD says....
I remind him that Epic put us in touch, over 6 times zones, and lead to my employment, here in the Carpathians, where we have snow!

Thanks Mods,
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I blame it on the forced sublimation of Man's primal tendencies by modern society, which is inherently repressive.
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It's a great site, with wonderful minds posting.
Let's keep that in mind and try, whenever possible, to state our resepctful disagreement with others, and avoid attempts to invalidate the sincerely-arrived-at opinions and viewpoints of others.

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Originally Posted by Bob Barnes/Colorado View Post
Hi Hem--I am not sorry to see you! (And I don't think Phil is either.)

Best regards,

GO!!!! I am sorry to see you go!!! Ooooops.
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Picky and vindictive here at Epic? Nothing could be further from the truth.

Not to tear into yer' post, but you spelled it wrong. :
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Whom, exactly, spelled what wrong?
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Sabbataical versus Sabbatical .... you gots in there an excra "a" .... eh?

Cheeesh ... what's the world coming too?

When you see an weak spot .... go for the kill ... dat's us!
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