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Only Midwestern skiers will truly understand this:

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The end is near! --Of summer that is. Wake up all you man-made snow lovers. It’s almost ski-swap season, and we all know what follows:
Brown trees, steel blue-gray skies, frosty grass, and then finally... HE appears.
You all know him. I saw him last year outside the supermarket, but I've seen him before in many places.
He's the guy who wears a scowl on his face for 5 full months every year starting around October. Last year, in typical fashion, he was standing outside a Meijer store when I was walking out. He pitched a half-smoked cigarette on the ground, gave a controlled exhale, looked down at me and said: " Dammit I gotta go scrape that shit off my windshield."
Without looking for any consolation or reply, he hacked up a gravelly flem-cough, turned up his Carhart's collar, and he was gone. Yes, confirmation that winter was near....

I knew then that it was time to go home and wax, break out the warren miller flicks, and just get all-around STOKED.

Be on the lookout for Him this weekend people - overnight lows in the twenties, strong weather system moving through the Midwest, deals on radiator checkups... all the signs are there.

It won't be long before we'll all be giddy over our 400 feet of vertical (250 at my usual area). Plus all the other perks of midwestern skiing: bad food, sonic grade-schoolers who think turning sucks, howling wind, bullet proof ice, 15 second race courses, good friends, great trips "up north", 5-inch "dumps", ear splitting snow guns that sting the bejeezus out of your face if you get too near, crappy jumps with granite hard landings, first-timers in JEANS for us to chuckle at. (Yeah I did too, once), senseless mogul fields that make even experts look like ungangly dorks, overdressed terminal intermediate weekend warriors, underdressed telemark-people, snooty transplants from Fill-in-the-Blank Resort out East/West and much, much more.

So while Sites like this one and others blather on and on endlessly about Killington and Loveland's snow guns starting up and "Snowfall down to x-thousand feet elevation", I'll just keep the vcr warm, get a block of wax ready, and look for "him".
See you all on the snow.(All Eight Inches of it!)
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What is there to wait for? Blizzard conditions up here in Da UP yesterday. It was awesome to see the everything turn white, and stay that way all night. Got at least 2 inches maybe 4, 6 inches in some areas!
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Mi Skier, thats why I don't live there anymore eh! although I do miss Mount Ripley.
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Hey, MI skier: Did the snowmobilers "take advantage" of the 4" fall?
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Time to warm up the snowguns! Hey, has anyone heard when the more northern resorts (Giants Ridge, Lutsen, the UP, etc...) will be turning them on? I cannot wait much longer!!!
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Hey everyone,

Best laughs of the day so far. Those guys at altitude just don't get it, Why? Their heads are in the clouds.

Come spring, however, that's where I want to be.
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MI skier
Good to hear that. We've got two trips to Mt Ripley this year.
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I here good things about Ski Brule in the U.P. from a friend who makes the trek almost annually.

For instance two seasons ago, they were able to open for the year in October!!!
(just a couple of days behind the usual earlybirds out west.)
and that isn't all that unusual for them.

**Now look, I've went and convinced myself that there might be skiing to be had this month. I must really like to torture myself.--- then again, lows in the 20's again for early next week!! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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For the last 12 years I've run a Thanksgiving race camp at Ski Brule. Some years we were the only camp in the Midwest.
It's not always great but it's always open.
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Kneale-Didn't see any snowmobilers out yet, they probably were though. damn slednecks.

SLATZ- If your making the trip up to Ripley and you like steeps and trees, be sure to make a stop at Mt Bohemia. Easily the toughest terrain in the midwest.
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Yeah, I missed it last year. Hopfully I'll get there once this year.
Now Ripley is the second best hill in the midwest. A well kept secret. I was surprised to find last year that it's 5 miles closer than Marquette to me. Most people down south think it's at the end of the earth.
Last year was the first time in eight years that I've been there. I was disappointed to see the old trophy case from Michigan Tech is gone. Lot of history there. Most of the top skiers from Central came from Houghton back then.
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checkin in.

For me the start of winter begins one night when there is a crisp smell in the air.

And the breweries start to make their winter ales [img]smile.gif[/img]

I hike at my hometown hill when it's not open and hopefully we will get anohter foot storm here like last year. The hill was closed and I hike up came down and here come a handfull of locals with the key to the toe rope. That was a blast. Even though we just got glacial hills some are pretty steep shots.

Just like Targee, we get "snow from heaven, not from hoses."

And the 1916 national ski jumping competition was held here!

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I can tell many fond stories about Mount Ripley. I skied Mt. Bohemia back country when it still had the fire tower up on top. The terrain was ugly then with all the brush and trees. I can still speak a perfect UP accent.

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definitely, if you've come as far as houghton, drive another half hour or so and check out bohemia. little to no lift lines and NO beginners. it frickin rocks. oh yeah, the terrain ain't too bad either.

love the UP...can't wait to get back after a semester living among trolls (under the bridge). say yah to da UP..........

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That geographic description sounds familiar! : Hmmmmmmmmmmmm??

You can't fool ME! Or is New Jersey in the mid-west????????? :
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i speak of Upper Peninsula MI and the Mackinac Bridge. unless that comment wasn't directed at me, in which case i still speak of...
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Auxcrinier, Lake Linden eh! I didn't live too far from there by way da crow flies. I use to live over by Wolverine number 4 location.
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Have you lived in Grand Ledge for long? I'm originally from Lansing, but now live in Seattle.

Skiing in Michigan is definitely "different." The amazing thing is it's still fun!

I'm sure your Meijers reference had everyone scratching their heads that isn't from the midwest. Good snow luck to you this season.
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I don't think they've got northern lights and wolves in NJ. Eh? [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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SLATZ: You are right about the lights but we do have wolves. Those that we have are for the most part escapees from a few breeders in the northwestern part of the state but they do quite well since we have an abundance of deer and turkey. Actually what has happened here is that the state has had agressive rehab and stocking programs that started thirty years ago....... then the developers went nuts and have pushed the critters into smaller and smaller woodlots making "spotting" pretty easy. Last year I had a wolf cross in front of my truck and we have a "semi-resident" coyote that has been wreaking havoc with my wifes cats.

But........ I can't wait to retire and get outta here!
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you don't have to be a midwestern skiier to understand who 'HE' is. out here in the east, 'HE' is actually 'THEY'! THEY always complain about the cold, there are so many of them. i always feel sooo alone in my love of the winter.

the thing that always RIPS ME OFF is the weather forcasters are partial towards warm weather! ARGH!!! they say, next week is looking great for this time of year... 'are you kidding me?!!!' they classify great as above freezing and no snow. totally pisses me off that weather forecasters are biased. bastards.

there used to be a forecaster that enjoyed the winter storms cause it made his job interesting. i miss him.
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tech, pierre?

how about bull moose? we had one swim across the lake and walk up our boat launch a few years ago.... almost hit a cougar on my way to work a couple summers ago. not to mention bears....
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Auxcrinier , Yah da tech. Metallurgical/Chemical Engineering 78. I might come up there and ski Mt Bohemia. I could stay with my brothers in-laws up in Gay eh!
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hah...hang out at the gay bar, eh? gonna be doing tech next year...i can't afford the school i'm at anymore. i've a season pass at bohemia -- definitely worth it.

what did you think of tech, while you were there...?
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How could i forget?
bald eagle landed in our yard last summer....watched him outside the window for 5 or 6 mins before he took off. i doubt you get a lot of that in NJ

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Auxcrinier: Please don't think I'm singing the praises of Noo-Joy-Z........ I can't wait to get out and I can't say that strongly enough. At the moment (probably no too much longer), we have several nesting pair of Bald Eagles, lots of Osprey though.

With the massive amounts of development that has pushed out of NY City...... they now commute from the Poconos in Pennsylvania down Rt. 80 into NYC..... that whole corridor that was once pretty wild is permanently screwed.

I used to be a forest inspector (gypsy moth and stuff like that) thirty years ago for the north/west areas........ beavers and bear and turkey I didn't mind. It was the large rattle snake population that made me edgy.

You folks are lucky to have some place to run and hide........ this place is a zoo. :
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No rattlesnakes in dah yoop Yuki but some of them yooper have found out that trolls taste like venison.
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i wasn't slamming NJ by any means. heck, i've never even been there. i was just bragging about the area in which i'm priveleged to live....which happens to be in the great midwest. sorry if you took it like that.

akron? i learned to ski at Snow Trails...
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You were clearly not slamming NJ...... I just got used to peoples reaction when they came to the west part of the state..... cows and corn...... many were suprised because all they had ever seen was the NY/Newark "metro" area. The only thing I would miss is the ocean....... but, the shore is getting too commercial along with the rest of it.

The best part of the midwest is the people, polite and friendly. Please don't change.

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