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Jackson Hole- Jan. 20,21,23

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Grand Targhee on the 22nd.

Just a small group of Michigan hacks hittin' up the west....Who's with us!!???

We'll put our radios on the epic channel... what was it?? 11-7? is that right?
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If i have a free place to stay I am 95 percent in for the 21st and 22nd.

I hope I can come up. would drive up saturday night and leave monday night.
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I can't personally help you out with a place to stay.. My wife and I are staying in Driggs with her parents.
Just be adventurous and just try to figure it out when you get there!
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I'm heading out of town Sunday, so I'll miss you guys.

Anyone up for a beer at the Royal Wolf Thursday, Friday or Saturday?

UP Racer, I sent a PM back.

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Count me in for a beer on Saturday night.
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UP Racer, Looks like I missed you Saturday night at the Royal Wolf - we were there from 6 to 7:30 pm.

Also, were you at Targhee on Sunday? I was there from 9 until 11 in a green and black coat sking the Headwall.

I heard Monday that someone was looking for me.

Sorry we didn't hook up.

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Yeah... we were unavoidably detained on Saturday night and couldn't make it to the wolf.
I did ski at Targhee on Sunday and I was looking for you. The guy said you had an orange jacket on, though. I wouldn't doubt if we saw each other and didn't even know it.
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