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Summit County or Whistler 19-21 January?

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My 17 year old has a 3 day weekend and we are considering Summit County or Whistler. Vancouvers a MAJOR trek from Chicago for a 3 day weekend, however they've had big snow this year (dry lately however) and we've never skied Whistler. What to do? What to do? Will we be rewarded with significantly better skiing to make this journey worthwhile?
Need quick help on this...
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Three days only Chicago to Whistler? That's a lot of travel for just three days skiing. If it were me I would do Denver (or how about SLC) and do Whistler when you have more time. From airport to mountain you just cannot beat SLC...especially when time is tight.

Whistler is king of snow this year (along with the entire PNW) but reports here have SLC and Eastern CO doing fine. I think you'll have fun either way.
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Strictly commenting from afar: weather is about same for both during your visit 30degF high, 15degF low, partly cloudy, no big snow forecasted; W/B is open 100%, Copper Mtn and others in Summit open about 95%. Seems to me you should do Summit if it is both more convenient and less expensive.
Good luck and have fun.
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I would go with Summit County. I was actually considering exactly what you were (I'm coming from Chicago too). I was thinking about heading to Whistler for a long weekend this weekend as well. However, I decided to do Denver instead. Why? For a number of reasons. It literally takes about 5 days to ski a good portion of Whistler/Blackcomb. You could almost ski there for 2 weeks straight and not hit the same trail twice. Until you've been there, you don't really realize how massive it is. That and you are looking at a few more travel headaches by going to Canada (customs, etc.). I believe as of January 1st this year as well they require a passport on flights to Canada from the U.S. Not sure on that but I think I read that somewhere. It's more expensive as well to do a Whistler trip. There are a bunch of places within a few hours of Denver to choose from making it fun to choose. SO...I'd say unless you have a good 5-7 days, I'd stay with Denver.
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No to Whistler

Last Presidents Day, we too did a long weekend to Whistler and it was wayyyyyy to short! The 2 hour drive from Vancouver on top of the extra long flight from ORD - was not really worth the travel time for 2 days skiing. Not to mention unless you can book reward seats - alot more expensive!

IMO - SLC is the ticket. Only about 40 minutes from SLC to many of the ski resorts - can't beat it. I too like Breck and Keystone - but then again you have more driving time. ( i know the flight is longer - but not that much!). I have seen some good deals for PC and Deer Valley.

Good luck!
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It's a little late for cheap airfare into Aspen, but there is a killer direct flight ORD-ASE. Leaves ORD at 5:15PM, return departs ASE 1:20. I usually ski till 11-12. Aspen currently has outstanding conditions.
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Flight times:

ORD - Denver 2.5 hrs
ORD - Vancouver 4 hrs

Denver - Summit/Vail 2 hrs
Vancouver - Whistler 2 hrs

Vail/Breck 35-40"
Whistler 120"

Whistler Forecast
Today..Snow Ending Late This Afternoon. Alpine Temperature Steady Near Minus 9. Snowfall Accumulation 10 To 15 Cm. Freezing Level At Valley Bottom. Mountain Top Winds South 30 To 50 Km/H Veering To Southwest 20 To 30 Km/H This Afternoon.
Tonight..Mainly Cloudy. Alpine Low Minus 12. Freezing Level At Valley Bottom. Mountain Top Winds Rising To Northwest 30 To 50 Km/H This Evening.
Wednesday..Mainly Cloudy With 60 Percent Chance Of Flurries. Snow Beginning In The Evening. Alpine High Minus 10. Snowfall Accumulation Trace. Freezing Level At Valley Bottom. Mountain Top Winds Northwest 30 To 50 KmThursday.. Periods Of Snow. Snowfall Accumulation 3 To 5 Cm.
Friday.. Periods Of Snow Except Mixed Rain And Snow Near Valley Bottom. Snowfall Accumulation 10 To 15 Cm. Freezing Level 1000 Metres.
Saturday.. Periods Of Snow. Snowfall Accumulation 10 To 15 Cm.
Freezing Level Near Valley Bottom.

Vail/Breck No Snow

I think Whistler is a much better choice.
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ORD-ASE 2.5 Hours
ASE- J Bar 5 Minutes

TR of skiing yesterday with pics - Priceless

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Great posts! Thanks. This trip was based on using frequent flyer miles and the only place I could get on this short notice (tried Denver, Colorado Springs, Hayden, Eagle, Aspen, Salt Lake City, Boise, Jackson) was Vancouver for 25K miles on United. After further review, we decided to head to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and save this long weekend trip to next month instead when PERHAPS conditions in Little Cottonwood Canyon will be EPIC UTAH...
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You could still salvage a trip somewhere decent if you really want to:

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You're right, there are excellent last minute fares to be had.

Unfortunately, I have to get my 17 year old back in school Monday morning, so Thursday > Sunday is the window. But thanks for shopping for me

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