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Have all the skiing mags just given up?

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I have just seen the SKI and Skiing mags re-issue their gear guide issues??? This about a month after POWDER did exactly the same thing. Have they all just given up writing and taking new photographs, or is there some keen marketing person who has realised that the gear guide is the biggest selling issue of the year, so if we have two gear guide issues...
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And you'd think with all of this 2004 gear out, they'd just do a mid-season gear guide. I guess that would spoil the August/September issue (which I love reading on the beach), but at least it would be a little more timely.
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They just ran out ideas for articles about multi-million dollar real estate projects, private ski club lodges, and corporate ski company takeovers. The next best idea they had was to sell some more $800 skis for their sponsers.

Maybe they could write about skiing, skiers, and the hard-working people that operate the ski areas. Don't hold your breath!
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You really have to wonder if they are running out of interesting articles to write about. Or, maybe they are running out of intelligent people to write interesting articles. They even have to dobble in a little sex now and again to sell more magazines. By the way, ever notice which skis always seem to win Gold medal or best ski catagory? Ya, it's the most expensive skis that do. Is there ever any pictures of average skiers enjoying themselves skiing. No, it's some punk jibber doing a 100 foot gap jump into 5 feet of untracked powder. Or, some overpaid druggie doing a cork 720 flip off a fifty foot drop.

They're killing themselves. Forums like this one don't help either!
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I have given up all of my ski mags. The idiot ski mag editors treat skiers as if they are intellectually challenged Bartlett Pears. If you want to read a good mag, which focuses on the great outdoors, read Outside mag.

Thank gawd for the ski porn here and over at Powmag. With out it I might buy the ski mags just for the pics. That would be a crime.

Join with me and D/C your ski mag subscriptions. It is only through pain in the wallet that the editors will start providing better quality.

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The only reason we still get Ski and Skiing is because at the "business subscription package rate" they are very cheap. So my wife "tosses me a bone" and gets them ..... and Flying.

I still read Flying, but I don't think I've even opened one of the ski mags all year.

Gee! Did I miss anything? :
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