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Vail, BC, Keystone this weeked

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headed to Vail BC, Breck and Keystone this weekend, how are the conditions and how they looking?? First time out ever and really psyched and looking for some powder. All we have here in NY is rain oh a little ice today
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My brother was out in Summit County this weekend and I'm headed there this coming weekend so I'm in your shoes. He skiied Copper on Fri and said the snow there was fantastic. He went to Breckenridge on Saturday (haven't talked to him about Breck yet but from what people have been saying, it's decent with a few thin areas here and there). Beaver Creek got something like 16 inches about two days ago. I'm not a big fan of Keystone but if you like tree skiing, I'd check it out. The forecast is calling for warmer temps (25-30 degrees) without much chance for I'd say check out Beaver Creek. It'll probably be less tracked out (it's farther from Denver) and with their recent snowfall may have a few areas of pow here and there. However, if you are looking for deep stuff you might be disappointed b/c the weather is looking more sunny than snowy.
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