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More 2004 Gathering Photos

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Photos from Jackson Hole...

Gathering Photos

(Choose select all and then slideshow for easy viewing.)

It was great to meet everyone. Thanks to Bob for being our Guide!

See you at Kicking Horse in '05.

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Nice photos!
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er ... did I miss something? Is the 2005 Academy going to Kicking Horse???
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Very nice pix!

In a way, I'm glad I didn't go to the Gathering. I would have been the only bear skiing down below on the groomers.
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Best shots, yet. What kind of camera were you using, btw?

Kicking Horse, eh? Hmmm.
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Bonni, there would have been two of us.
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Originally posted by Matteo:
Bonni, there would have been two of us.
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I don't think a location has been decided for the 2005 academy. The 2005 Gathering will be at Kicking Horse.

Aaron: The camera use for these shots is the Cannon PowerShot S40. I don't think it is made anymore. Cannon has upgraded it to the S50. Wonderful camera, small but sturdy. It fits nicely in a chest pocket and can be operated with one hand. Check out... Cannon PowerShot

No shame in skiing the groomers at Jackson. Some are pretty steep and they are plentiful. The real skiing though, is just about anything that's not groomed; chutes, trees, and endless powder
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This is the site you're looking for ...

Kicking Horse Accomodation
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