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Quick -- Killington or Okemo

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Long time no post -- I'm out here in east-end of LI for the year and need to ski! Finally a bit of snow, I was thining of staying up at a hostel inVT.

Prob. dumb Q but given conditions should I drive up to Killington or would Okemo be almost as decent? Looks like more snow at K but I don't know wether to trust the reports out here.

I think I'm going to hop in the car and go in about an hour so let me know if you have ideas?
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If you're on the east end of LI, an hour will only make it to CT, and thats if theres not too much traffic. To get up to Okemo/Killington will probably take 3-4 hours depending on how fast you drive (maybe more to K). Vermont is getting snow but the rain/snow line is somewhere around Killington so that might be ur best bet. If you dont mind the drive, go further north (Sugarbush or Stowe) where you will find better natural snow conditions.
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Read ur post wrong, forget about the travel times...
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Yeah I'm all the wait out in E. Hampton -- prob. going to take the Port Jeff Ferry so I won't even get to CT until 6 earliest. I'd love to head up to Sugarbush but I couldn't find any cheap (e.g. hostel) plac e to stay up there on short notice..
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Theres always Rutland, you should find something cheap there.
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If your coming from CT I assume your coming up via 95/91/89. No hostel cheap places I know of around but some cheap chains and ma/pa motels in the White River Jct area.

About 30/40 min from kmart, hour or so further up to the Bush. If your doing kmart and staying in Rutland, I have stayed at the Friendship Inn, cheap and decent place, just north of the Rt 4/Rt 7 intersection downtown.
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go up to jaypeak resort, close by their is a place called grandpa grumps and it is an old place with many bunk beds and lofts etc dirt cheap and good place to hang,drink,party with locals. jaypeak gets the most snow in VT and has sick glades and other terrain.
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Yeah, I'd love to go to Jay Peak, but another 3 hours..no could do! But sometime this season I definetly will, thanks for the tip!

I actually found this really decent spot http://www.turnofriverlodge.com/. Can't beat $25! and about 10 mins from Killington.

Wasn't too bad today...they had the guns going, and having learned something new today, I guess that's where you want to be as the snow was nice and soft underneath them. Noone around really, esp. as the temps began to drop.
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For snow conditions - Okemo.
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Turn of the River isn't too bad, it's been around since I started going up in the late 70's. Do they still have a dorm?
Normally, I'd say skip Okemo unless you want groomers all day, but given the lack of snow, go wherever the guns are going. Killington isn't shy about setting the guns up, so even when you're not expecting much, you can get there and find out that the guns were going all night on Ovation and have a ball for a day.
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