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New England - who's getting snow out of this mess?

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Anyone not getting iced out up north?

Check in - I'm kicking around taking a day tommorrow but don't wanna burn one unnecessarily.

Around here it's all rain : : :
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Snow (3"-4") yesterday and snow early this morning that has switched to frozen ice pellets at about noon, I'd guess another 3" snow, now this ball bearing material, no rain, no crust.
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Northern Vermont is getting snow.

I live in St. Albans, just north of Burlington, on Lake Champlain. It's been snowing all day here at my house. We've got about 5 or 6 inches so far. Since about 7:30 am, it was snowing like CRAZY until about an hour ago. Now, it's snowing but just not so heavily. It is supposed to snow through the night (1-3 inches), and also flurries tomorrow during the day (another 1-3 inches).

Resorts got anywhere from 3-6 inches yesterday. Many have not yet reported what is going on today at their resorts, but will probably be posting something later today, I suspect.

Jay says as of 2:30 pm, they've gotten 8 inches (in 24 hours). They opened several glades today. : Sounds like they're recovering from Saturday, which was frankly nasty skiing (according to my husband, who was there for senior ski patrol training and had to take a few runs).

Sugarbush as of 2:45: 2 inches of snow and sleet on top of 5 inches from yesterday.

Mad River Glen: only reporting yesterday's 4-6 inches, no news re: today.

Stowe: only reporting yesterday's 3-4 inches, no news re:today.

Smuggs: only reporting yesterday's 5 inches.

Weather forecasts are calling for sleet starting from about Sugarbush/MRG to the south. Sounds like Sugarbush/MRG are the cut-off point, especially considering what Sugarbush posted this afternoon.

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Whiteroom where are you sending from?
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All snow @ Sunday River. I think tomorrow starts a Jan 16 - Feb 16 promo if you have a pass to any other mountain you can ski for $39/day (weekdays only).
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The snow here changed to sleet/frozen rain, even though it's 24 degrees. It's been sleeting for about 2.5 hours or so. All the northern VT resorts are reporting some sleet/freezingrain/hail, some more than others. It is supposed to change back to snow tonight.

MRG is saying they only got 2 inches of snow today; Stowe is saying 4-6 inches in 24 hours; Jay is saying 9 inches in 24 hours (turned back to snow by 4:15 pm); Burke is saying 9 inches in 24 hours.

BTW, Sugarloaf is saying 9-12 inches snow, nothing about sleet/frozen rain, so they probably got the same system as Sunday River.

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Stowe. Sorry, should've included that.
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thanks a lot guys. This does help. Sounds like all that ice is affecting just about everyone - will probably wait til the weekend .... SR is a possibility but a bit far for a single day trip for me.
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