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Ski buddy sought in Colorado

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My current, most active, alpine ski buddy (wife) has injured herself and may be out for the season. As a result, I am looking for someone to ski with. In the interest of my matrimonial harmony, this prospective buddy should also be male (unless there is a mixed group that is interested).

I am a nearly 50 YO male who skis "anywhere anytime" mostly at Copper Mountain and Winter Park, but I can ski most anywhere else with a week or so notice. I usually get out on Sundays with an occasional mid-week day thrown in.

Please email me if interested.

--- Jens (pronounced "Yens")
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ski buddy


I ski Copper weekly....usually on Sundays but occassionaly on Fridays. I would love to make some turns with you. I am 39 and ski the entire mtn, although I been taking it a little easy since dislocating the shoulder in December. Let me know the next time you plan to be on the mtn.

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Ski on Weekends


I ski either Copper or WP on the weekend. I am 33 and ski all mountain but focus on the black and double black runs. Hit me up for a couple runs if you want.
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Jens, join us at the Let's Go Colorado events! The schedule is posted in the Meet on the Hill Forum--no Copper or WP on the agenda but there's a gaggle of good skiers coming of all age ranges, so come along for some fun!
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(UL is quietly thinking here.......if this happens to be Jens Husted....how on Earth am I going to keep up?)

Jens, please do join us for one or more of the days scheduled for Let's Go Colorado event that SugarCube mentioned. You'll meet a bunch of local and Denverites you can ski with for the rest of the season.
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Thanks everyone. I now have two potential ski buddies and am aware of "Let's Go Colorado" which I will try to participate in. By the way, I am not Jens Husted... My last name is Aarnaes.
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Jens, I ski a fair amount at Copper and guide for the Over the Hill Gang. I'd be delighted to have you as a guest with the OHG for a day or two, and you'll likely meet some other folks there who would make great ski buddies, as well. It's a tremendous group of folks!
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I will be driving to Summit County, probably after Presidents Day. The wife can't get off this time so I am on my own. If you are still looking for someone to ski with, please PM me. For me, it's more fun to ski with someone.
We are close in age. I, too, like to ski the entire mountain.

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