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Anyone Have info on an accident at Aspen?

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I just got a Phone call that I pray I never have to get again.A vary Good friend was Killed Yesterday in a skiing accident in Apen Co. His name was Bob Littlewood, Bob and I did a lot of hiking this past summer and skiing together when we could.He was a Great guy,full of life and energy. The info I have heard is sketchy at best.So we are not sure what happened?I was told he was cought in an in-bounds avalanche? His wife will be returning here to Park City Late today.Right now I am in shock.... If anyone from Aspen has an info on what happened Friday could you please pass it on?

Bob, You go on ahead we'll catch up to You.See you later my friend.

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Oh Utah - that's so sad. What a year it's been for everyone.

Godspeed to you and your friend's family.
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My heart goes out to you and the family. Its horrible!!!! This has been a crazy season. Everyone take care. Let that last run wait until tomorrow morning.

Utah found this on the net for you don't know anything else. http://www.aspendailynews.com/

Take care,

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Thanks Digger, That was my Friend,Bob Littelwood.He was agreat guy,He was 67 but had such a young attitude outlook on life.He loved the Mountains Loved skiing.He didn't even start skiing untill he was 55 years old and for him it was more then a sport. He was vary much a "skier".He was excited about completeing a 5 day clinic earlier this season and looking toward doing a late season trip to Sun Valley,Grand Targee and Jackson.He's gone to be really missed.
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what terrible news.

It reminds me of christmas morning 1988 when I woke to the sound of my mothers voice howling...she had just found out her brother had drowned in a diving accident off a remote part of NZ the day before.

he passed away loving life, doing what he enjoyed, living. it was not a waste.

god bless, my thoughts are with you, your friends and his family.
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My thoughts go out to you and your firend's family.
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So sorry, Utah. I'm sure you have the sympathies of all the Barking Bears. May Bob find endless days of powder and blue skies....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Utah, I heard an expression the other day
"We live too short and die too long"

Sounds like your friend made the most of his "living" time. take care!
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Utah 49, here is a link with the avy report about your friend. What a bummer, my condolences to you. http://geosurvey.state.co.us/avalanc...anchor11711684
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What a tragedy. The first thing that comes to mind when they say 'incapacitated' is what incapacitated him. It would be a shame if he were knocked unconcious & wasn't wearing a helmet.
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