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Elan Ripstick Fusion Pro

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Elan Ripstick Fusion Pro: 178cm/18.3M (107/ 66/ 95)

Skier: 42, 170lbs, 5'10"

Boots: Nordica Doberman 130

Skill: Advanced all mountain skier

Demo Shop: Village Bike and Ski in Sunriver Oregon (PM Dawgcatching if you'd like to demo or buy these boards).

Demo Location: Mt Bachelor

Demo Conditions: 5" of soft snow, some cut up crud, softpack and hardpack

Results: Because of the 18.3M radius I was expecting to have to work this ski to get smaller turns out of it. However, the Ripstick took me by complete surprise and turned with little effort. Put it up on edge and it immediately engages. Lay it way over and it produces more of an SL turn. I found it to be very stable at high speeds. If it has a speed limit I didn't find it. It has a smooth snow hugging feel and has plenty of energy turn to turn. The ripstick also performed nicely in the 5" of powder and crud I ran it through. This is a wonderful front side ripper and yet I've never seen one on the slopes (what's up with that?).

I was hoping it would make a nice cheater GS for masters racing but I think its just a bit too soft at my weight and skill level. However, if I wanted a versatile front side ripper capable of GS and smaller turns this would be my pick.
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Great review & I agree 100%.
I bought 170 RIPStick from Dawg last spring and love them. I'm about your size. Great ripper & versatile in lite powder. Also good in bumps. Awful in crud.

Not burly enough for running gates.
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Ripstick Rocks

I got a pair of the 178 cm Ripsticks and I have been very happy with their versatility as front-side ripper as well .

I was thrown off by some previous reviews to this one that indicated they were not burly enough for a stronger, heavier skier. However I (at 235 lb, 6'3", PSIA level 2) have not had any issues except a speed limit that I hit once in a while on high-speed GS turns.

I will take that trade off for a ski that can make short turns with little effort, holds well on firm and can handle soft snow well for a narrow-waisted ski. I have not seen many on the slopes but have them in several ski shops in the Midwest so maybe retailers expect them to catch on?

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